add .deb repos for arm64/ppc64el

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As per, you very helpfully maintain a repository to let Debian and Ubuntu users install and receive updates for the unifi controller using the operating systems' regular mechanisms.


Since the server is written in Java, it is usable on any architecture with functional Java runtime, which the packages description file (Packages.gz) correctly indicates.


However, the repository currently lacks packages description files to enable its use on arm64 and ppc64el. This means that the instructions in the excellent guide referenced above fails on said architectures. Manually downloading and installing it (and the dependencies listed in Packages) produces a working system on at least Debian 9.4 arm64.


So could you possibly publish and in the manner that is already published?

on ‎07-22-2018 08:41 AM

Need arm64 to make installation of unifi on odroid-c2 etc easier