high performance USG model? (without the fans and rackmount size)

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Would be nice to have an option with something with more performance for running IPS/DPI and all the options without performance hits and bandwidth limitations, i dont imagine everyone wants to go up to the Pro4 size/fan noise but something like the Edge Router lite and a Unifi packge that falls in the middle of the price between the two would be nice someting like a unifi version of the er-4

on ‎07-08-2018 11:32 PM

I fully agree. I want to toggle DPI (and other services) on and use VPN and still have high performance with a gigabit WAN service....  I recently bought an ER4 but I like some of the features of the UNIFI USG, let's have the power and rackmountability of the ER4 in a USG.





on ‎07-18-2018 09:17 AM

This suggestion is already present in another post at https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UniFi-Feature-Requests/Update-USG-Hardware/idi-p/2303174 with a lot more kudo's.