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Dark mode for UniFi Controller

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Status: New Idea

I just updated and don't like at all how new unifi controllers looks. To much white and the rest of colors are too light. I think it would be nice to have a dark mode that allows more contrast between background and text and will also rest sight.

email notifications - RED : Disconnected - GREEN: Connected

Submitted by - Tuesday
Status: New Idea

When a device has been disconnected we receive email notification starting ALARM width a RED header (banner).



Then the device is back online and we'll get the email notification stating CONNECTED but with same RED header (banner).



Vissually is easier to identify a critical event from a "good news" notification if RED and GREEN codes are used.


Can we fix that ?



Request: Enable Dark Theme in Unifi Controller

Submitted by - Saturday
Status: New Idea

From the last few firmware release of Unif Controller: Its very difficult to work with too much Bright Theme for  Dashboard, Clients, Devices and specially MAP.

In Map section we cannot see anything. If Developer team is listening then immediately enable any Dark theme for MAP section.

I see thousands of users are complaing about Bright theme but till now no action has been done.


Please Wake UP develpoers and act please




Request - OpenVPN Server GUI

Submitted by - 3 weeks ago
Status: New Idea
I would like to put in a feature request for OpenVPN server configuration (and client certificate generation) in the Unifi GUI. This would be a significant benefit. The lack of this feature is the main reason I have not deployed USGs more widely.

Feature Request: Enabling SSID for specific AP

Submitted by - Friday
Status: New Idea

Have multiple AP's in a site and want to add 1 more SSID for specific AP.

The defualt is to add the SSID then all AP's are getting provisioned and the new SSID is being deployed on all AP's


If i don't want to show the new SSID in all AP's i need to go one by one and manually disable it from each device at both bands....not conveniance at all (when you have site with 100's of AP's) LOL


Would love to see an option to add SSID only for specific AP.

Official Support for NFS Storage Capability with UniFi Protect (via CLI and in GUI)

Submitted by - a month ago
Status: New Idea


It's my understanding that the impitus to limited (at least initially) UniFi Protect to the Cloud Key Gen2 Plus hardware appliance (as opposed to allowing "Roll Your Own Server" gear) was mostly about maintaining tight control over other hardware variables, *not* so much the storage subsystem (given the relatively low storage performance requirements, generally sequential nature, etc).


I think if we could have a GUI-presented way to path our video storage directory to an NFS mount for video storage, that would go a *LONG* way to easing people's concerns with the appliance. It makes the appliance much more appealing because, for those that want to (or, businesses that require it), you take away all of the downsides of a single, non-inherently redundent, drive bay (i.e., better redundency, much larger storage capacities, etc).

Given the limited of 20 Cameras for the Cloud Key Gen2 Plus, the actual throughput as generated by the max support cameras, using Full-Time Recording at the highest framerate / bitrate, is only ~120Mbps. Or lets call it 240Mbps if you include the data going back out again via NFS. Either way, nowhere near saturating the 1GbE NIC on the appliance.

Lastly, if memory serves, this is something I believe you can do today in the UVC-NVR running v3.x (granted, it had to be done via the CLI).

Therefore, is there any reason why this couldn't be done with the Cloud Key Gen2 Plus and Protect (perhaps via CLI today and "comming-to-a-Protect-GUI-near-you" at some point in the future)?

Request: Site-to-Site VPN Status on Dashboard

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Status: New Idea

With the latest release of Controller v5.9.29, the ability to see the status VPN connections seems to have been depreciated.


Being able to assess any site-to-site VPN connections from the dashboard would be greatly appreciated.

Guest Self-Registration with Sponsor

Submitted by - Tuesday
Status: New Idea



I would like to see an option where the user who self-register needs to be approved by an sponsor. Default option should be that an email is sent to sponsor to click for approval. Second option would be to have a push-notification in the Unifi app where you get prompted to approve or deny.






Controller Version, Time, and Date Display

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

I am enjoying learning and using the UNIFI controller software. Two things I would like to see are the version of teh controller software and the time and date that the controller is using displayed on the top bar to the right of the UNIFI symbol like:

UNIFI Symbol     Controller Version     Time     Date


This would let you know exactly what time and date the controller is using to date stamp log entries, alerts, etc. Similar to the time and date displayed in windows on the taskbar. This would be especially useful for those who have controllers running in different time zones. See related post here.

"Replace" equipment instead of "Adopt" for a disconnected device in controller

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

Given a functional Unifi controller environment, we have the occasion where a piece of UBNT hardware fails and we must replace it.


My suggestion is the following:

At the point we adopt a device, we should be able to bind the adoption to an existing entry in our Controller (which is currently marked as Disconnected)


For example:

US-16-150W needs to be replaced for RMA.

It is in a complex network, and has a bunch of port specific overides/names. It also has custom VLAN profiles (subsets of all the VLANS in the site)


Using this Adopt/Replace feature would simply change the Controllers MAC address of the old equipment entry to the new MAC address and force provision the new device to exactly replace the old unit. Boom, replacement hardware perfectly configured to drop in for the old hardware. It is totally fair and reasonable to require that the replacement equipment be factory reset other than the setting of the inform. (i.e. ubnt/ubnt for authentication)


This is akin to the "warm spare" model from Meraki.  This would greatly help us deal with mean time to repair on complex installations.


Today, the procedure to replace is to manually traipse through all the sub-menus and port configurations and reconfigure a newly adopted device to match the old one. Normally this is a 2 trip proceedure. Trip 1, we get 99.5% correct, and Trip 2 is when the customer finds that custom corner case we forgot about.


This enhancement would make device replacement (of an exact in kind unit) painless and precise. Both of those are relished in IT support.



Downlink Switch Port Identification

Submitted by - 3 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

Can you please add a Downlink port identification, just like the way you already do for the Uplink.  I need to detect if someone plug a new switch (manage or not / UniFi or not) into UniFi switch in my networks.

 thank you !Capture.PNG

Support DNS-over-TLS

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Status: New Idea

Cloudflare recently published their DNS resolver openly under


For fully preventing plaintext DNS queries over the public internet, one would require a DNS resolver to support DNS-over-TLS or DNS-over-HTTPS. As such, it would be great if USG could support DNS-over-TLS:

Request - Disable Software Update Messages

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Status: New Idea

Everytime you logon, refresh, change site... you get told about it again and again and again and it's just not convenient, or completly necessary to upgrade the very moment you're informed about it, let alone, told about it again and again and again...

Those messages have their uses, but the Software Update one is so relentless.  Even customers that manage theri own sites are buggin us about it now and wanting to know why 'we' have'nt upgraded, thus having to take more time explaining something that really should'nt have needed to be explained...


Please allow the option to disable those messages for all but the Super Admin and then make it so that it only notifies once, not every time you logon, change site...

USG-PRO-4 Temperature

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea



I would like to be able to log and monitor the temperture in the USG in the controller. 

If it could be complemented with a alarm function it would be even better.



I have my equipment in a cabinet with external fans and the USG also have fans. A broken fan will cause overheating and if not breaking the equipment it will at least shorten the lifetime. Yes, it happened to my 3 months old USG-PRO recently.




DPI Restriction on adult websites

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Status: New Idea

THis is a *MUST HAVE* feature which Meraki (focused on school districts) has.

It is pratically impossible to beat them on a RFC when a superintendent ask if out of the box we can block adult contents.

Please add this feature, and extend the DPI Restriction categories

Firewall rule groups

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

I was unable to find if others have raised this request before, so apologies if so.

Currently, the firewall rulebase is rather 'flat', allowing us to set rules per interface and direction.

I think adding groups (note: not to be confused with the groups that allow you to group a set of ports or addresses) is of great help if you have a large amount of rules, that are now potentially mixed together.


An example of what I mean (highlighted yellow bars):Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 19.46.55.png

Request: Force All Outgoing DNS Traffic to Specific Server

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Status: New Idea

I have a USG-PRO-4 and just switched from pfSense. In pfSense I was able to catch all outgoing DNS requests (regardless of which server they were pointed at) and redirect them to some other internal or external DNS server. Part of my security and content filtering strategy requires this but there is currently no easy way to do it with the UniFi controller.


Can this be added as an option in the controller GUI? Something like a checkbox that says "Redirect DNS Requests" and a field to manually enter an address.


Currently files have to be modified by hand and the changes won't persist once a change is made to the USG from the controller. Below are a few links that outline the necessary changes, which can't be done from the controller.


Support DNS-over-HTTPS

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Status: New Idea

Cloudflare recently published their DNS resolver openly under


For fully preventing plaintext DNS queries over the public internet, one would require a DNS resolver to support DNS-over-TLS or DNS-over-HTTPS. As such, it would be great if USG could support DNS-over-HTTPS:

Yubikey two-factor support for login to USG/controller/cloudkey.

Submitted by - Thursday
Status: New Idea

I would like support for adding Yubikey two-factor support for login to USG/controller/cloudkey.

USG disable Port forwarding instead of Delete

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Status: New Idea

It would be handy sometime to Disable a Port forwarding rule (for later use), instead of Deleting it.