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New Idea

Request: UniFi Server Feature

Submitted by - yesterday
Status: New Idea



We are running a UniFi server linked to an external HotSpot portal and interface via API and cURL.


This is running for a community project where we give out free WiFi.


What we would like to do is have users sign into the server as usual, we allocate the data to them, however, we would like to have a whitelist of websites which do not count towards the data allocation for example governmental websites as well as educational websites.


Moreover, we would not like the sites to be accessable until the user logs in to our hotspot, though they should still be accessable after the data alloctaion has been depleted.


The option to update whitelists for this via API would be greatly beneficial as well.


I have spoken to the online chat support and they directed me here as they said the feature I am looking for is not available on the UniFi server.


Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.




Modern Protocols

Submitted by - Saturday
Status: New Idea

It is abióut timine this equipment supported "Up to date Protocols"!!!!!!!!!!!

IGMPv3 "wanted for over 3 years now!"

IPv6 Full support



I do not for the life of me understand why this equip. does not support these Protocols.

Every modern cheap peace of trash supports these mention above. 

Why doesn't Ubiqiti? Good hardware!!!!!!!!! Why is Ubiqity not staying with the time?

Hardware incompatabilities? Or lazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

REQUEST: Regularly scheduled AP radio optimization

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

Currently the Unifi APs only check the network at boot time and pick an ideal channel and then stick with it. The issue with this is in a dynamic location - think city apartment or multi-tenant office building - APs come and go all the time. What's more many other manufacturers dunamically assign channels making the frequency space continually changing.


Have the UAPs - or the controll - regularly scan the spectrum. Do it by group - so admins can assign APs to different groups... some may not want to be rescanned as frequently as others. 


But during this scheduled - or triggered (think - channel achieves X% capacity or Ydb noise - the AP would reascan the spectrum and pick a new channel set. I assume this would be communicated to client cards/systems when a channel change occurs. If not - then we as admins would have to pick ideal times to do this for obvious reasons. 


What drove this for me is that my APs have not rebooted in a month - I checked the spectrum and found I was on the busiest and noisiest channels. I manually picked new channels and immediately got at least a 20% boost in speed both up and down.


Please up vote this! I think it would be a superb addition to the toolkit.

Ability to store street address with each UniFi site

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

We should have the ability to store a street address with each UniFi site. This would keep things more organized and even allow the option of automatic placement on the UniFi Cloud Map.


We should also have the ability to store a street address with the UniFi controller itself to keep track of where hardware is installed.

Can we drop outdated assumptions about passwords?

Submitted by - 3 weeks ago
Status: New Idea


 Speaking of passwords, can we just ditch the asinine password "complexity" requirements period?  The guy who started the whole complexity thing years ago finally has voiced what I suspected for some time now - password complexity rules do more harm than good:  http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/security/news/a27676/the-man-behind-your-password-requirements-admits-he-was-wrong/


Password length is far more important.  See: Diceware 

Unfortunately more harm is done by sites or applications that only allow max password lengths under 32 characters Man Sad   While such long passwords may sound outrageous, if I am using multiple random regular words (again see diceware) they are actually easier to remember (and dramatically easier to type!) than stuff that arbitrarily requires crap like upper case, numbers, special characters, etc.  Especially when every site/application has different ideas about what "password complexity" means and how it should be enforced. 


Some other asks when it comes to any User Interface interactions with passwords and error messages around the creation/changing of passwords:  


1.  Make sure the error message ALWAYS shows (currently a problem in Unifi Video)

2.  If it's a password validation issue, who cares about the complexity/length requirements?  They are a red herring so don't even bring them up in the error message if it's an error condition around the user entering the same password in the two fields correctly.  Focus the error message on what the actual error condition is so the user can also focus on the real problem at hand.  

3.  And if you guys still insist on having password complexity requirements for f$#*s sake STATE them up front as part of the form, not hidden behind an error message.  I'm not a mind reader and your just wasting my time if I don't happen to intuitively know all the rules you are testing for and the only time I get told the rules is if I happen to guess wrong on what they are.  Sheesh - no one likes having their time wasted.  Just some universal advice Man Happy

Unifi Client App for GUEST users

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

Please, develop a new mobile App for Guest Users.

This is a concept made by me


 Include this features:

  1. Customizable company name
  2. Remain time of the connection
  3. Start and finish time
  4. Package current activate, total traffic or remaining Mb/Gb
  5. Autentication method: Facebook, Google, Voucher, API, Simple Password
  6. Details of the network: type, signal, local IP, MAC address, etc.
  7. Bandwidth limit and speed test
  8. Live chat support with the admin's
  9. Panel of notifications, to recibe notes/notices of the admin's


Feature Request: Syslog Improvements

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

I'd like to have the ability to select different levels of syslog messages and the ability to send to more than one server.
I'd also like this to be configurable per device, not per site.

Unifi controller needs more proactive approach to device adoption

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

This happens ALL the times in the forums.  Autoconfig stuff is great when it works, but when it doesn't it can be beyond frustrating as a new user to figure out what to do next.


I'd like to see the Unifi controller get a lot more proactive in setting itself up for success, specifically in two areas:


First - Auto configuration of the set-inform override entry.


If the server the Unifi controller is being installed on has a valid DNS entry.  Have the setup routine do a reverse lookup on the IP address of the controller and offering to auto-populate the set-inform override with the DNS entry.  If there's more than one, let the user pick the one they want.  


Heck, for that matter test if there are multiple IP addresses bound to that server, and if there are ask which IP address the user wants to use for the Unifi controller and then do the reverse lookup routine I outline above.


Even better, make this routine callable from more than just setup - for existing controllers if the controller override isn't set, prompt people with the option to configure it or leave it unconfigured.  A link to why it's beneficial to configure it would probably be helpful as well.


Second, there REALLY needs to be a separate view to deal with adopting new Unifi devices instead of it being jumbled in with the device view.  This would handle issues with unadopted Unifi kit that's not mine always showing in my devices view.  


More importantly, it would also give people a concrete place to go to adopt a new AP.


Have a button called "Adopt Unifi Device" that kicks off a wizard to first prompt them for what kind of Unifi device they are adopting (USG, Switch or AP) and then show them a list of unadopted devices.  


Yes, they would also just show in the Adoption view but more importantly, when they DON'T show up in the controller, because the user is now telling you explicitly they are trying to adopt a new Unifi device but the controller isn't seeing it, you can prompt the user that no Unifi devices are detected for adoption and then further prompt them with instructions on how to ssh into the Unifi device and issue a set inform, or use the Unifi mobile apps to do the same.  



The above, particularly having more structure around the adoption process beyond "Plug in the new device and wait for it to show up in the controller" would go a LONG way towards preventing issues like these from continually popping up in the forums. 

Integrate Wi-Fi Stack QoS to speed up WiFi

Submitted by - Wednesday
Status: New Idea

There is an interest project being developed regarding a QoS system to reduce bufferbloat inside the Wi-Fi stack - Make Wi-Fi Fast Project


It would be very advantageous to integrate this into the Unifi Wi-Fi stack to increase performance.


I have a forum discussion regarding this - Speeding up WiFi

device search across all sites on a controller

Submitted by - Friday
Status: New Idea

You should be able to search for devices from the site overview or other places that allow you to find a user or device ANYWHERE on the controller.

I "lost" a device somewhere on one of my 10 sites.  I knew the MAC address but there was no way to locate it via search. I had to manually look in each site until I found it. 

You should be able to search your entire controller for anything and not be limited by sites. 

(Meraki does this easily) 

Support Enabling LetsEncrypt by a checkbox on all Unifi Devices

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

Pretty much title says it all.   LetsEncrypt allows for trusted chain SSL certification that is automated and expires every 90 days.

For people not needing full paid for keys this would allow trusted keys and would stop the more agressive browsers that are starting to make it harder to visit self-signed pages.

Request: Controller firmware update repository

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

Is possible to schedule this controller functionality development?

When the  controller checks for new firmware update and finds it, the best way for upgrading APs in a complex configuration of multiple site with many AP, should be that the Controller download all the new versions of firmware and store them in the local disk of the server and then it passes the local url to the APs for the upgrading.

Now the process is inverse. In fact the controller only check if new firmware exist, download only a .json file with all the url of different kind firmware and when you click to upgrade an AP I've seen that is sent an upgrade command to the AP with the url https://dl.ubnt.com/..... .


That's is frustrating because all the APs must have access to the Internet.


Could be this development scheduled for the future?



Tickbox to disable updating the UniFi version when updating the cloud key

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea



I run BETA releases of UniFi, but when the CK is updated i am told that UniFi will "rollback" to the bundled UniFi release that comes with that CK release.


Is it possible to have a on/off button in the cloud key admin panel that you can disable updating UniFi and therefore it just updates the CK firmware?


Would be most handy for us who are testing your BETA releases



Export any of the Insights views - either as a PDF to print, or to a CSV, Excel, etc.

Submitted by - 3 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

Subject says it all - the insights views would be a heck of a lot nicer if I could print and/or export them.  

Connect to LDAP via UniFi RADIUS Server

Submitted by - 3 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

Hi all,


I would like to see the RADIUS feature on UniFi gateways expand. The one feature that would be nice is a gui element to connect to an AD/LDAP server for WPA2 Enterprise authentication.

Block Device x Time

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

Blocking a device is one of my favorite features.  When a kid isn't listening choosing their device and choosing block really gets their attention.  It would be nice to choose "Block" and choose a few time options....IE (1hr, 12hrs, 24hrs, forever)


Daily Download/ Upload statistics per user - UniFi AP-LR

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

I have used Unifi AP-LR for more than 6 years now. I was wondering if it is possible to have a daily download statisticts of users aside the culmulative or total statistics that is currently available from begining of time. This will help administrators alot.


Currently, there's only statistics over time and admin is unable to filter daily statistics for each user.



scheduled wifi access for specific clients

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

If one want to utilize the schedule for wifi access today it seems that it needs to be configured for the whole wifi network. would like to see if that is possible to configure per device as an option.

Quarantine wireless devices

Submitted by - Friday
Status: New Idea

We would like to be able to block devices while leaving them on the network and direct them to a landing page with a customizable warning portal. ("your device has been blocked. Please contact the Helpdest at...) 

Since you already block devices outright from even connecting to the SSID, implementing the above as a Quarantine option would be better to allow you to still outright block hostile devices while allowing lesser threats to be identified. 


Simply blocking devices outright can also cause unexpected cellular data charges for enterprises without quarantining it. What if a user doesnt recognize that he is no longer on your wifi with his company owned device? They will continue to work and start using your expensive LTE data without realizing it. 


We sometimes need to isolate unknown/suspect devices in a way that prompts the user to contact us so we can resolve the issue. If they arent told to contact us, we may never know who it is to correct the problem. 


Submitted by -
Status: Duplicate

I would like to request if Remote OpenVPN can be added to the next update for both USG and USG-Pro. With the world full of hackers and governement intervention, I would like to have a peace of mind knowing my connection is safe with my OpenVPN service - AirVPN.