New Idea

Non-Unifi devices on maps

Submitted by - 15 hours ago
Status: New Idea

You know what would be really cool? The ability to put non-Unifi devices on the maps. If the controller can see the device, being able to drag out a little icon with its IP, name, mac, etc... would be great.


It would be very helpful in putting devices that don't move like printers, cameras, etc...

Allow the WAN Ports aggregate their speeds

Submitted by - 9 hours ago
Status: New Idea

To allow the two WAN ports to aggregate there bandwidth.

so if  WAN is 21/5 Mbps and WAN 2 is 15/2 Mbps, have the option to aggregate them to one big pipe of 36/7 Mbps.


Also, have the possibility to select which WAN port will be used for what traffic.

so we can select the gateway we want to use for which site, protocol.


Example WAN 2 has a static public IP use that WAN port for remote banking and SSH and telnet session and have the option to configure WAN 1 for all normal browsing.


And use the WAN port aggregation for fast downloads if supported by the website. 



Kind Regards



VPN Client Static DHCP Assginment

Submitted by - 10 hours ago
Status: New Idea

Would be very useful to be able to statically assign IP address to certain VPN Clients. 

FEATURE Request: - Site RF Scan - low use hours :-)

Submitted by - yesterday
Status: New Idea

Can we have a "SITE" RF SCAN running @ low-use hours?


Its time consuming to manually login to several Cloud -sites, that I administrate to find, and measure the interference.


- Shedulling RF scan in a sequence would save my day!


Thx in advance :-)

Request USG DHCP lease information via Controller

Submitted by - yesterday
Status: New Idea

I would like to request the ability to see all DHCP lease information from the controller since all of my Access points are on seperate networks and remote I am unable to SSH into the USG. When dealing with hundres of clients I need to make sure I am not running out of leases.



Support DNS-over-TLS

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

Cloudflare recently published their DNS resolver openly under


For fully preventing plaintext DNS queries over the public internet, one would require a DNS resolver to support DNS-over-TLS or DNS-over-HTTPS. As such, it would be great if USG could support DNS-over-TLS:

Support DNS-over-HTTPS

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

Cloudflare recently published their DNS resolver openly under


For fully preventing plaintext DNS queries over the public internet, one would require a DNS resolver to support DNS-over-TLS or DNS-over-HTTPS. As such, it would be great if USG could support DNS-over-HTTPS:

Restyle Alert email format

Submitted by - Saturday
Status: New Idea

The alert emails have a nice styling but are nog very practical;


- First the big red rectangle.

- Then the huge Unifi Cloudkey logo

- Then a pciture of the cloud key

For the inmportant iformation one has to scroll up..... 


So, please spend some time on this and restlye the emails.


Schermafdruk 2018-05-19 11.25.00.png

RGB led for each port on next generation UniFi Switches.

Submitted by - Wednesday
Status: New Idea

Hi Ubiquiti!


I implement UniFi setups for all kind of small and medium business, and one of the most common problems i have is that non technical staff just dont understand that there is a difference between ports in switches.


I would very much like to have 2 RGB leds for each port, they should be configurable via the controller, the switch would not need to have any logic, besides relaying commands from the controller.


LED 1 = Port Profile applied, you sould be able to bind a color to a port profile, when this profile is applied the color should be set, and stay that way.


LED 2 = Status, can show all kind of status, STP blocking, Load Level, LAG membership or be user configurable (Blink to show remote technican what port to plug the device into.)


I must admit i like leds, most people do, but it could be so nice put and end to printouts showing port configurations, and somehow those are never updated...


1-7 Access Points

8-15 - LAN computers

16-20 - Video Cameras.

21 - 22 - Uplink LAG 01

23 - 24 - Downlink LAG 02


While i ALWAYS use the controller when working, the end users often do not, and this leads to errors when moving cables.


What do you think, the BOM value for this would be kinda small, when inplemented in the next generation switches, but the value for the end users would be huge, and i have never seen it before.

Usage stats to help identify which host is using all the bandwidth

Submitted by - Monday
Status: New Idea

So I can see that it's been requested a few times. As network administrators, it would be great to easily identify which hosts / IPs are responsible for the most traffic through the USG.


Given that the USG gets mansaged by a controller and we don't connect to it directly, real time graphs like on EdgeRouters may not be possible. However, we don't need fully realtime.


Here is what we would need to know, at a glance:

1. How much data has been transferred by each host in the most recent period. (30s, 1m, 15m etc)

2. A ranked list so we can quickly see which one is on top.

3. Some kind of easy visual breakdown so we can see how much is being used by the top hosts.

4. If DPI is turned on, a nice breakdown on usage per host would also be good. On the summary page, these could be the categories used for DPI such as "File transfer", "Web", and "Streaming Media". When you click on any given host, a DPI page like the existing one could be presented, but just for that host.


I've mocked up what such a page could look like. Anyone got any feedback?




This is just a edited page from the existing traffic stats.

- It would allow for quickly selecting what time window you were interested in (top 5 selector buttons)

- It would allow for quickly selectined in/out/both traffic directions

- Each of the six breakdown sections in the lower part would correspond to a single host, and provide an overall DPI breakdown for that host. 

- There are only IPs here, but there's no reason not to use the discovered hostnames, or device names if they have been manually set.


I really like this. Please make it Man Happy

WAN 2 Link in Dashboard

Submitted by - 4 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

I'm using dual ISPs - one primary at 25M down/5M up and a secondary at 5M down/2M up.



The dashboard offers no indication of link status for the other WAN link. You can't see if it's up nor can you execute a speed test on it.


Would like the ability to be able to see the link status for both WAN links, as well as the ability to execute a speed test on both WAN links as well.


This is what it looks like even with a 2nd WAN link enabled for load balancing:


Screenshot 2018-04-28 14.20.46.png


Should look something more like this when you have 2nd WAN connected:


Screenshot 2018-04-28 14.20.46 2.jpg


That way I know there's a 2nd WAN interface that's electrically active plus I can actually perform latency and throughput tests on it.


Ideally I should be able to do this regardless if WAN 2 is set to failover or load balanced.





Request - LLDP for Aastra (Mitel) phones

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

(Debbie from support suggested me to post this here.)


We're trying to get our Mitel 6863i (and 6865i + 6867i + 6869i) phones (still have AASTRA written on the back of the phones) to be recognized/tagged by LLDP-MED into the Voice Network, however it is not working.


It does work for many other devices.


It appears the solution could be changing the 'LLDP-MED Fast Start Repeat Count' value from the default of 3 to 10 (Switching > LLDP-MED > Global).
This was atleast the solution for the Edgeswitch series according to the forum .


Could the Fast Start Repeat count be added to the controller?

Or the firmware adjusted so that it recognizes the Mitel phones and adjusts this value automatically?


two more forum posts about this issue and the solution:

Performance Statistics Page - Monthly data

Submitted by - Wednesday
Status: New Idea



it would be very nice if one could choose next to 'Monthly' and 'Daily' also 'Monthly' especially to view the traffic used per month.



Enable SSO/external directory sign-on to UniFi Controller

Submitted by - Monday
Status: New Idea

In an enterprise environment, to have a separate user store in the UniFi controller is an additional management overhead and security risk. Instead, if we could have the UniFi controller require sign-in via RADIUS, SAML, OpenIDConnect or some other federated sign-on technology, it would vastly improve the security and manageability in an enterprise environment.


Federated technologies (eg, SAML, OpenIDConnect) would also allow an enterprise to use their existing investments in MFA and other such protections to be added to the UniFi sign-on without any requirement for Ubiquiti to build or manage an MFA suite.

Show Fast Roaming status and WPA Mode value in System Config

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

In UniFi Controller, in System Config section, show if FR is enabled and what WPA Mode is selected. Knows these vales would help to help new users that are asking for help with WiFi issues.  It should look something like this mockup:


Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 11.07.37 AM.png

Update USG Hardware

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

The USG seems stuck in time and is need of a hardware update given the new features of the software. A USG based on the ER-4 or (preferably) ER-6P would be ideal. It should have PoE and be able to power the Cloud Key and at least one AP like the UniFi AC Pro. It is tempting to get an EdgeRouter rather than a USG, but I'd rather stay all UniFi if possible.

Reatime Bandwidth usage by client

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

It would also be nice to be able to see realtime bandwidth usage by client so that if I particular user or device is suddenly hogging bandwidth it can be identified.

Request - Ability to search all sites in controller for a specific device

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

I work for an MSP, and we have more than 100 sites in our controller. I need a solution for locating a device using its MAC without having to sift through each site. I can't be the first person to come across this problem... Do you have any suggestions or any plans to implement this feature? 


I saw that someone created a tool for this, but they are charging for it. I don't feel that we should have to spend extra on a 3rd-party product to get a feature that should already exist- especially not after the amount of business that we do with Ubiquiti.


Please consider it if it's not already in the works.


Thanks for your time.

The controller UI should have yellow warning for units that do not have correct NTP time

Submitted by - 3 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

Most times I have issues with upgades these days are related to NTP, and thus any HTTPS download fails because of certificate validation.


There are many other functions that pop up a yellow warning next to the AP (invalid STUN config, etc). Missing NTP time should also trigger a similar warning to make troubleshooting more visual and obvious.



Don't truncate MAC address device vendors !

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

In the latest version unifi 5.7.20 device vendors are wrong, see screen captures below ...


The American one is extremely confusing.. no device on the network made by company named American, same goes for CiscoMer and IbmCorpo


These are the correct device vendors from text file included with nmap...

$ egrep '^(001088|3456FE|749975)' /usr/local/share/nmap/nmap-mac-prefixes
749975 IBM
001088 American Networks
3456FE Cisco Meraki

Ahhh, American NETWORKS.. that makes more sense than just American,

and IBM and Cisco Meraki are better than IbmCorpo and CiscoMer too, so why doesn't unifi show these device vendors


Has anyone else noticed the problem in unifi, it's very annoying