New Idea

Wifi Experience exclude

Submitted by - Tuesday
Status: New Idea

Add an option to exclude certain clients from Wifi experience. Some devices stay connected to the network but go to sleep after a certain period of time and the Wifi experience shows 0%.



Unifi - Length of Cable from switch port

Submitted by - Monday
Status: New Idea

I have several Unifi-24-250w, Unifi-16-250w, and Unifi-8-150w switches and I think it would be a beneficial tool to see the cable length from the switch port to the terminating devices. Maybe under the tools section, you can add a button to run and select the port you wish to run it on and view results?


It appears other devices in the Unifi family have it:


US.v3.9.18# swctrl -d cable show
Port  Status          Distance
----  --------------- ---------------
   1  Normal          0m - 201m
   2  Normal          7m - 27m
   3  Normal          0m - 10m
   4  Normal          0m - 12m
   5  Open            Failure at 9m
   6  Normal          0m - 14m
   7  Normal          0m - 10m
   8  Normal          0m - 12m
swctrl -d cable show


Create IoT Group, similar to "Guest"

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

I'd like to see the category of IoT client that behaves similar to how the Guest controls work.


I'd like to be able to assign clients as "IoT" category and have rules/policies/controls automatically applied to that client as a member of the IoT group. We could then assign blanket rules to that entire category, such as "Exclude|De-Emphasis in WUX" and "Apply IoT Firewall Rules" and "Assign to IoT Network/VLAN" types of things.


This would be useful for easily managing IoT network segmentation and improving the adoption of security best practices.  

Config.JSON file editing tool in advanced SDN features.

Submitted by - Tuesday
Status: New Idea

Add a config.JSON configuration tool to the SDN GUI. Enable it to be loaded to and read from the correct file location.  


As using the config.JSON file has moved from being a rare exception to the standard to do anything even a bit more advanced, might as well make it easier to use.

DPI restriccion by schedule , days, hours, minutes

Submitted by - Monday
Status: New Idea
It would be great to apply the dpi restrictions by time, since there are clients who ask us to apply rules of this type, also be a bit more specific about the applications that we can apply the restrictions such as facebook, instagram, youtube, netflix
It would be great to apply the dpi restrictions by time, since there are clients who ask us to apply rules of this type, also be a bit more specific about the applications that we can apply the restrictions such as facebook, instagram, youtube, netflix


Throuphput Graph & Speedtest Scaling

Submitted by - Tuesday
Status: New Idea

it would be more appropriate to scale the graph either based on the users' internet speeds as provided in settings or allow users to put custom scaling to better graphically represent the utilization instead of the current 60up and 40down scaling.

Change backup options (breakout historical data, sites, and settings into separate backup files)

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

Add these options to backups and restores:

When backing up  give us the option to separate the settings backup from the historical data backup and the sites backup. In the restore area give us the ability to restore one or both of each. 

Make this applicable to the scheduled backups too. 

Times like now with this 5.10.17 update are a perfect example of a need for this when I have a user helping me fix my settings file but I'm having to upload and download nearly 3gb of data to do it.

Add color coding and labels to clients list

Submitted by - 3 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

I like to name and sort my client list so I can see at a glance when I get new devices, which devices are which and so on. At the moment I do it as follows:


DEVICE: Harmony Hub

SERVER: Arctic

SMARTSPEAKER: Living Room Echo Dot




However, it would be a lot more useful if I could create labels and tag these clients with that label, it would be even more useful if those labels could be color coded so I could easily see which items are which.





Higher performance USG - Solid State (fan-free)

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

The subject says it all really.


Now that FTTP is becoming more prevalent, and the feature set of the USG3 grows, throughput is becoming constrained.


Additional points to consider

Powered by PoE

WAN port with SFP+ option

LAN port with SFP+ option

10GE RJ45 ports

drop console port to make space for SFP options


A quiet, more capable gateway device is overdue (would happily test)



Dark mode for UniFi Controller

Submitted by -
Status: Accepted

I just updated and don't like at all how new unifi controllers looks. To much white and the rest of colors are too light. I think it would be nice to have a dark mode that allows more contrast between background and text and will also rest sight.

Be able to assign vouchers to a user for accounting purposes

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

We have a need to be able to assign a users name to a voucher code to be able to track the user through the network as we can allow max devices connected which you cannot do within the USG raduis server. Also from the hotspot manager it would be good to be able to SMS or email them there code to them. Currently we can do this in Aerohive's hivemanger and would be excellent to do this in Unifi contoller with out the need for some external radius server.


Regards Dave

Request: UniFi Controller Port Icons larger

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

I wish for future versions that the port icons can be a bit bigger. They are quite small compared to version 5.9.*


Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 20.11.14.png

Traffic stats, enable date/time filter

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

This is a huge missing feature.  Not being able to filter the traffic stats you're looking at by a date range is a massive gap in functionality.


While it's great to be able to see usage by service and device, not knowing what device is currently or has recently used that 1TB of throughput is not helpful.  I need to know what's used X amount of bandwidth for the last 30 days, 7 days, since the reset of my allotment, etc.

Cloud Key addition

Submitted by - Saturday
Status: New Idea

We now have a cloud key with protect.

why not add in an option to run UNMS on the cloud key instead of protect? 


This gives a network centrick management cloud key... 

Granular control over roaming capabilities *PLEASE READ CAREFULLY*

Submitted by - 3 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

We have a number of customers who require real-time streaming over Wi-Fi and when the users roam from one cell to another, it does not matter how well tuned the cells are, the AP's are not doing their job properly.  I figured I would make this a feature request with somthing more specific so that it can receive upvotes and the greta people @ubnt would consider the vital importance of the request.  


The idea is that the Unifi controller commands the AP's on how to operate, their configuration and other deciding factors.  This method of centralized management is not new, but Unifi is a great product line that I want to see great things from.  Right now, roaming seems to be a pretty large issue when it comes to real-time over Wi-Fi.  Since Zero Hand Off seems to be dead, especially with AC and later gear, it leaves implementers and techs with a huge problem.


I have performed real-time CLI monitoring and found one of the biggest problems is the inability to change the configuration for STAMGR.  This little program runs on the AP's to hhelp manage the connecting clients or "stations" (hence, sta-mgr).  Now the fun part, while using STAMGR (aka stainfo) to watch stations roam from one AP to another, I have noticed that the configuration of stamgr is -i 1 meaning it scans every 1 second and -c 30 which means it waits until 30 consecutive failures of the -r setting.  According to standard docs, -r <rssi> kick sta when rssi is lower than specified so then -r is set  from the GUI when you set the minimum RSSI.  However it really is not strictly enforced.  Instead it simply nudges the station to tell it "hey you're signal is low, maybe you should find another AP", but it takes 30 failures and the scans are every second, so that is 30 seconds of failures.  That may be 28 seconds too long in many cases.


So my thought is, give us more granular control over the -i and -c optoin with something like this...

feature request.jpg


This would be extremely helpful with users who are constantly moving especially when they depend on any type of RTP/RTSP.  



Store User Interface settings on the server side (persistently).

Submitted by - 3 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

I frequently log in to the Controller from different PCs only to find that all my UI settings (24h time, dark mode, columns in device and client views, ...) have reverted to the default. This leads me to believe that these settings are currently stored in the user session (in browser cookies or similar).


Could you please change that to store the data persistently in the database (e.g. have a UI settings table and one entry per user with all the respective settings)? That way, the UI would always be consistent, no matter which device/browser the user logs in from.

UNIFI Notation field also on on Devices

Submitted by - Monday
Status: New Idea

On Clients in Settings there is a Note-field.

Why not also add this for Devices ?

Should be much more usefull there.

Then you could enter info about that device:

Exact place

How to get access to that place



You then have needed info when out in the field without the need of bringing a folder or "call home" or whatever.

User based time control of internet access (child savety lock)

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

as you offered already for wifi access "User based time control of wifi access"

please also offer a possibility to time control the internet or LAN access for wired devices.


Example: I want to restrict the access (internet or complete LAN) for my kids

Sunday-Thursday 23:00 - 6:00

Friday-Saturday 24:00-6:00


In Germany the Fritz Box is very common as intelligent modem/router - here you can define device groups (e.g. "kids") and define such internet access times per device group. Or filters (blacklists/whitelists) for web pages etc. Or restrict access to x hours in the defined time schedule.


I have seen a kind of solution in  Time based drop all on LAN_IN for certain devices

but this seems to complex for me - I need a graphical interface in my unifi controler such as



2018_12_30_Kindersicherung Fritz Box 2.png

In this example access is granted on Monday from 6:00 to 22:00 - but only for 1 hour in this time frame.

On Saturday and Sunday here 2 hours are allowed.


For wifi unifi already provides a kind of WLAN schedule - but not that nice as above shown AVM Fritz Box does:

2018_12_30_WLAN schedule.png


Request - LAN Bandwidth per port

Submitted by - Sunday
Status: New Idea

Would like to be able to allocate bandwidth amount per LAN port to ensure quality of service.

Request - OpenVPN Server GUI

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea
I would like to put in a feature request for OpenVPN server configuration (and client certificate generation) in the Unifi GUI. This would be a significant benefit. The lack of this feature is the main reason I have not deployed USGs more widely.