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Alert on WAN Failover

Submitted by - Sunday
Status: New Idea

I'm using LTE as my 2nd WAN. Given the bandwidth limits there, I'd really like for Unifi to alert me when things failover.  I see the primary WAN going down as import or more imporant than an AP going down; and I get an alert for those things already.  


Can we have one for when the WAN fails over, and another for when it returns to active?

Client type icons on Client page

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

One thing that Fing has (Fing is an iOS app that scans your network) that is nice is that it allows you to select custom icons for the devices on your network.  So IP cams show up as a icon of a camera, printers show up as a printer icon, a smart watch shows up as a watch icon, Raspb Pis show up a an RPi logo, etc.


See the image below for an example


It would be nice to see this in Unifi Controller.fing icons.jpg


Managed Devices: Add "Static DHCP Lease" in addition to "Using DHCP" and "Static IP"

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: Duplicate

Currently, for devices such as USW and UAP gear, we're stuck with either accepting a random DHCP lease or manually specifying the full network configuration for a given managed device.  The DHCP item provides no influence which address is actually issued, nor is the device visible under "clients" once the device has been managed.


The devices can obviously accept a DHCP lease, and the USG can obviously reserve leases by MAC address for unmanaged clients.


Why not give us the ability to reserve a DHCP lease for a managed device as well?

Controller stats: Add peak values for simultaneous users and channel utilization

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

Here is something that I have learned from my high-density deployments: The UniFi controller is missing a feature where peak values of the number of clients are collected and displayed. The hourly, and especially the daily summaries overshoot considerably (as those are totals of unique clients), and thus it is hard to impossible to understand the number of clients that simultaneously hit a single radio, and where action is needed - unless you sit an watch the controller live, permanently.


In addition: Peak and summary values of channel utilzation I would want to add to that.

Request VMWARE Virtual Box version of the Cloud Key

Submitted by - Friday
Status: New Idea


My company is a thrird party help desk outsourced IT company. We have 200+  Customers all with varying environments from small business to large scale Enterprise. We have deployed your Wireless Systems at many of our customers and we love the improvements you have made. The one thing that we wish you had was an OVF\OVA virtual appliace version of your Cloud Key controller that could be deployed in a Virtual environment. We have created our own template, but that would be used at every customer we have since we have VMWare pretty much at every location. Thanks for your consideration.


Dennis D. Sorensen

IT Operations Manager 

Premier Technologies 

Scheduled Firmware Upgrades and Non destructive AP updates.

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

Scheduled Firmware Update.

I'm sure I'm not the only person in the whole forum who experienced the following:
We left our Automatic Update on and once we updated our controllers, within seconds all the SSH connections with the server is disconnected because APs went into upgrading mode and Wi-Fi is down. A few minutes later, branches across the country or even the world call and complained that their Internet went down for a few mins.


To counter this problem, I'll suggest the following improvements:
1. Add an option to select the scheduled update time under the Automatically Update Firmware column.
2. The update time selected follows the time zone which was configured for the sites. This ease the job for IT if they have overseas sites to manage.


Non Destructive AP Update.

As we all know, if we leave the Automatically Update Firmware checked, all the APs will all go down at the same time and we will lose all Wi-Fi access for a few minutes before they came back up when a new firmware arrives. This is a large problem because someone might be doing something when the update is rolling.


My suggestion is:
1. Create a database so that the Controller knew which AP is nearby to which AP. Other than that, the controller needs to know which AP can takeover another AP's load if one went down (eg during Upgrading).
2. Update only selected APs at any one time so that this allows other APs to come in and take over their load while they are being upgraded. This reduces impact on the clients. They will simply roam onto another AP when the original AP is undergoing upgrades. 


Support this idea by giving it a kudos if you think this is useful for you! 

log incorrect password attempts on Wi-Fi networks

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

Would be helpfull to log clients attempts to connect to a Wi-Fi network using an incorrect WPA/WPA2 key. 


High number of incorrect login attempts might indicate a vlunarability scan or a brute force attack.


This feature might increase security of WLAN´s because Admins will see message in case of penetration.


Thanks for considering



Rack/Cabinet Layout

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

I love the functionality of the device layout, but adding in the USG and Switches do the map doesn't add any value.


It would be great to have a cabinet/rack object that changes the view. Now you look at a vertical layout and you place your non-UAP objects within it.


I would place the rack or cabinet in the map to show its physical location.

Auto Backup to External Source option

Submitted by - a month ago
Status: New Idea

Can we please have the option to configure auto backup to dump a config file on an external machine. 


Thank you.

Keep past DPI data

Submitted by -
Status: Duplicate


I love the DPI functionality, to have a quick overview of how my traffic.

However, I find it frustrating that I can only see currently acrtive devices for a traffic category.

E.g. in the main category "SECURITY UPDATE" I can see the following:

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 15.12.49.png


I know that none of the devices in my network has Avast installed - so I am curious to see which device communicated with Avast. However, since it happened in the past I cannot get that information - clicking on "Avast" will show: 


Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 15.15.27.png


It is impossible to for me to catch the application in the act - so I have to guess which devices might have initiated the traffic. 


You obviously have the data, it is just a matter of preseving/presenting it.. 


Please add this functionality :-) 






Submitted by - Thursday
Status: New Idea

Using UniFi 5.4.11


While I find the Statistics tab useful, it does not appear to be very thought through.


I am attaching some screen shots and here are my questions:


In Stats Overview you can see the recent activity on a 24hr, week or month  basis, but it does not seem to impact usage being displayed for the access points or the most active client, AP, etc. Why does the selected time period not being taken in to consideration? If I select a week, only want to see aggregated data for week. It seems that the only way to get any period stats is to keep clearing current stats and than waiting for a day if for example I want to see stats for that last 24 hours. It does not make sense to me or I am doing something wrong or not getting the intent behind the Statistics.


Same goes for the Traffic Stats. There is no way to report for a some specific periods of time.


In addition, there should be ability to select custom time periods for which the statistics are to be displayed.


Lastly, while it does not appear on the statics tab, the data usage that is displayed on the Clients page totally baffles me.


What period of time is that data for? Does any one has an idea?




Clients.PNGStats Overview.PNGStats - Traffic Stats.PNG 

Factory Default but KEEP PROVISIONING option on all devices, USG in particular.

Submitted by - Saturday
Status: Invalid

One issue I've run into over the past year or so is that as versions have changed, some of the defaults have and they are often 'hidden' defaults.  So what happens is, you start with a device with an old factory load, then you update a dozen times and the config is a little 'off' and the easy cure is a factory default.


The issue with the factory default on a device is that it looses provisioning settings (inform-url).


I can't factory default a remote USG for instance.  It would require local access.


But, what if I could factory default and set the provisioning URL in one click?  That way the device will come back online in a factory state and reprovision itself free and clean.

Notify me about new controller softare update

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

One would think that simple function like this is already impelemted. But it's not. 

Please warn us when there is new Unifi controller SW available


(like it works on other UBNT devices). 

A popup message, an administrative e-mail.. anything


Add VLAN configurations to Topology view

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

The Topology view is great and could be even better if it would also present the different configured networks with colors. Something like:


- one bold gray line if the link is carrying All networks

- one bold <network color line> for the main network and additional non-bold lines for tagged vlans


bonus point if clicking on 2 devices would should the route between the two of them.


extra super bonus points if clicking on 2 devices would show the route between the two of them and the firewall rules that might apply between them.

Better handling of voucher expiry

Submitted by - Wednesday
Status: New Idea

We need the capability to place an EXPIRY on the vouchers - ie: cannot be used past a specific date, and perhaps have them automatically (or via a "purge" button) be removed from the current voucher list.


the problem that exists now - create 100 vouchers for an event, all of them get taken but not all used. the "3 days" permitted on the voucher starts when the voucher is first used. we want them to automatically expire at the end of the event.


this could easily be done by having an "expiry date" when creating the vouchers and have a clean-up task which runs each midnight to expire or purge expired vouchers.


this becomes a necessity because there is also NO way to batch delete vouchers from the hotspot manager. ultimately we would like both options available, but at least having an expiry date would get around part of the problem.


i've seen this request posted many times. it's obviously a requested feature and i don't think it would take long for a dev to whip up a solution for this and the hotspot manager mass-delete.


cheers, wizdude.


Monthly statistics export

Submitted by - a month ago
Status: New Idea

Please make exportable the statistics. For example in PDF or Excel format.



Config option to disable alert notifications for rogue AP detection

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

5.3.8 seems to have introduced a feature not present in 5.2.9, and not mentioned in the release notes where it generates an alert on detecting a rogue AP.


These notifications are not helpful in an environment where your buildings are surrounded by other buildings that broadcast the same SSID.  In my case, part of a University where different departments have their own wifi system but we all broadcast the same University-wide networks in addition to our local ones.

Equally this could be an issue for small businesses in built up areas who use popular 3rd party providers for guest access (such as The Cloud)


Within a minute of upgrading to 5.3.8, I'd had 45 notification emails (before disabling email notifications - which now means I can't tell when an AP has crashed or been unplugged), and the notifications continue to roll in on the console every time it refreshes.


So a config option please to revert back to the earlier behaviour of not being notified of rogue APs (at least until the more complicated idea of being able to mark rogue APs as good) would be perfect.

UniFi Desgin Planner Tool

Submitted by - 4 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

Good Day,


It will be great if the team can create an Unifi Desgin Planner tool. Where you could import the plans of the office,build,warehouse,factory etc.Simular to the Outdoor wireless calutor. You choose the products can check the esimate signal coverage etc. I know there is alot other factors that you will need to factor in. This will give very go guide to what you will need etc.




Accurate heat map using realtime site info

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea
I saw a heat map from a competing product that is self generating and represents actual coverage. The requirements were that it needed two or three AP's to start making a useful map, otherwise it displays estimated range. Seems as if these AP's can see each other and the map scale is accurate, a more representative map could be generated than one simply using calculated data.

Smart Radio Management

Submitted by -
Status: Accepted

Hi guys, is there any chance Ubnt can make a function similar to Aruba's Adaptive Radio Management or Ruckus's Channelfly? This could help people with dedicated UniFi Controller to have better performance and allows the UAPs to optimize themselves (controlling Transmit Power and choosing the best Channel) automatically preventing interference from each other without needing a IT. This could really help when it comes to large deployment in companies, saving their IT hours of walking around with WiFi Analyzer tweaking the WiFi. As we all know, as of now setting Transmit Power to Auto is essentially setting it to High and this problem has been known for years. I guess this is a change that benefits most people.