New Idea

Keep the custom Alias names. Do not purge Alias based on historical data retention setting.

Submitted by - Sunday
Status: New Idea

Currently the controller will purge any custom set alias names for clients based on the setting of "Historical data retention" in settings->maintenance 


Please do NOT purge the Alias names for clients based on this retention setting and also backup the Alias names with all lengths of backup data retention.


As an alternative you can use the date for the last time that client was seen and purge based on the "last seen date" not the date the Alias/Device was first created as it seems to be done now.  Perhaps an advanced maintenance button could allow purging specific categories of data on different schedules.  So Usage data could be saved for 60 days, Client information including alias saved for 365 days, Nearby access points saved for 180 days, Guest authorizations,  etc etc.







Software update in controller software

Submitted by - Thursday
Status: New Idea

Hi all,

I just changed from my Cisco meraki to Unfi.... Man Happy

Things I would like see in the controller software is:

1: Software update directly instead of having to go the website, download software etc.
2: Option to choose beta software for both your controller and rest of your devices. Option could be that you need to sign in with your forum ID and from here sign on that you are willing to use beta software version. But ofcouse also for the GA releases.
3: Notification on that new software is ready if you are not looking in your mail all the time. (small bar in the top maybe this idea comes from my plex server, and I like this very much)
4: Option to choose which product that you would like to update... Like fx update controller but not the AP.. or the other way around.. Or the full package for all devices. Man Happy

Hope this make sense ... I would love to see this in the software. Man Happy

5: sign the software, so you windows machine don´t complain about it. Man Happy

Looking forward to see these features Man Happy


Facebook Wi-Fi

Submitted by - yesterday
Status: New Idea

Facebook Wi-Fi as seen here:


The previous "idea" was marked as implemented but is the wrong implementation:

Seperate/different DynDNS setting for WAN1 WAN2

Submitted by - Wednesday
Status: New Idea

Each WAN port should have its own DynDNS settings. 

Radius MAC-Auth Bypass (MAB) with Dynamic VLAN

Submitted by - Monday
Status: New Idea

Hi, I know this feature has been request many time on the forum, but I don't found any feature request for it.


It will be really helpful to have MAB in unifi ap.

For those like me that use Radius as authentification method, there is a huge lack for user that doesn't support wpa-entreprise. (xbox, ps4, chromecast, etc) 


I'm now using an edgeswitch setup in MAB instead with a wpa2-psk wlan.

But it's not really a good solution since I can't use wpa-entreprise in parallel so I have to put every mac in the radius table...


Could you please integrate MAB with dynamic VLAN support in the unifi AP?


US-4 - PoE powered 4/5 port switch with/without PoE passthrough, $49

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

Along the same lines as the incredible US-8/US-8-60, a 4/5 port switch that can be adopted into the UniFi ecosystem and cost a lot less than the 8 port bigger brother (US-8) could get a lot of traction. I figured if you could release the EdgeRouter X which has 5 ports and PoE in/out (Albeit passive), you could probably do something similar here with 802.3af.


  1. PoE power is essential to make these things ubiquit-ous (see what I did there? heh)
  2. PoE passthrough on port 4/5 would be killer
  3. $49 price would be perfection

I even mocked one up, excuse the crudeness:

UniFi US-5.jpg


Display currently loaded firmware in controller settings

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

Nothing revolutionary or complex I hope, but two changes/additions to the /settings/maintenance page.


Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 3.35.39 PM.png


Rename "Device Firmware Update" to "Device Firmware"


Add a "last checked" and "last updated" to the check for updated firmware section.  Purpose to see if the controller a recently checked, and recently received any firmware updates from UBNT.


Second addition. Could it be shown on that page, in the "Device Firmware section" , the currently loaded firmware versions from UBNT that are associated with that controller and site?  Like a have the page display a list of all managed Unifi devices, and the corresponding firmware that the controller would push down to a device when the "update/upgrade" button on the devices page is pressed.


So rather than having to click the upgrade button to see what firmware is considered the "best" by the controller, you can simply look in the firmware section under settings/maintenance at the current stable releases.

Display Icon if overrides are present

Submitted by - Saturday
Status: New Idea

I was working on a problem today, wondering why no clients were connecting to one of my APs.

Eventually realised that one of my team had enabled overrides on the AP disabling ALL the WLANs Smiley Frustrated


Any way, that got me thinking about in the main device view having a way of displaying if overrides are active on the APs, perhaps just a small blue dot next to the device name that only appears when an override has been enabled.

CloudKey Upgrade for Various Controller Versions

Submitted by - Tuesday
Status: New Idea

As a beta tester, I would like the option to upgrade the CloudKey without downgrading the controller.  Perhaps the CK firmware could be posted in the beta forum with various beta controller builds.  (I'm currently using 5.5.8 and cannot upgrade to CK 0.6.1 due to 5.4 being the controller version bundled with the CK firmware.)

Request - Real World WiFi Mapping

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

The real world is not 2D and flat. I'm sure many others are running multiple APs across multiple floors. The mapping feature would be more valuable if it was 3D or allowed for multiple floors without switching between maps. It could be as simple as allowing one map to contain multiple floors and stop rendering the signal strength of APs when that floors bounding box is reached (probably easiest to make this user defined and KISS).


Even better would be to make the map feature a real signal strength map.

Make SSL certificates manageable via Controller GUI

Submitted by - Tuesday
Status: New Idea

Make SSL certificates (replacement, installation of own certs, ...) manageable via the GUI (not SSH workaround).

UniFi 4-Port "Media" Switch

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

It would be great if Ubiquiti came out with a UniFi 4-port switch for media drop applications. I have several locations in my home where I have multiple A/V devices at one drop location with wired LAN connections that I'd like to hard-connect to my LAN network. For example; a TV, satellite receiver, A/V receiver, and AppleTV. All of these devices are wifi capable of course but I'd prefer to have as many items hard-wired as possible to reduce the strain on my wireless network. I currently have 6 location in my home such as this and it would be a bit wasteful to buy 8-port switches for all of them when I only need 3-4 ports. Other manufacturers make 4-port gigabit switches in the $25-$40 range which would be perfect.  All modern A/V devices come equipped with ethernet connections so I assume you have (or will) get similar request quite frequently. 


For reference, my current residential setup is a USG Pro 4, U24-250W, (4) UAP AC Pros, NVR, (4) UG3 cameras, (2) UG3 Dome cameras, and a CloudKey.

Scheduled Firmware Upgrades and Non destructive AP updates.

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

Scheduled Firmware Update.

I'm sure I'm not the only person in the whole forum who experienced the following:
We left our Automatic Update on and once we updated our controllers, within seconds all the SSH connections with the server is disconnected because APs went into upgrading mode and Wi-Fi is down. A few minutes later, branches across the country or even the world call and complained that their Internet went down for a few mins.


To counter this problem, I'll suggest the following improvements:
1. Add an option to select the scheduled update time under the Automatically Update Firmware column.
2. The update time selected follows the time zone which was configured for the sites. This ease the job for IT if they have overseas sites to manage.


Non Destructive AP Update.

As we all know, if we leave the Automatically Update Firmware checked, all the APs will all go down at the same time and we will lose all Wi-Fi access for a few minutes before they came back up when a new firmware arrives. This is a large problem because someone might be doing something when the update is rolling.


My suggestion is:
1. Create a database so that the Controller knew which AP is nearby to which AP. Other than that, the controller needs to know which AP can takeover another AP's load if one went down (eg during Upgrading).
2. Update only selected APs at any one time so that this allows other APs to come in and take over their load while they are being upgraded. This reduces impact on the clients. They will simply roam onto another AP when the original AP is undergoing upgrades. 


Support this idea by giving it a kudos if you think this is useful for you! 

Client type icons on Client page

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

One thing that Fing has (Fing is an iOS app that scans your network) that is nice is that it allows you to select custom icons for the devices on your network.  So IP cams show up as a icon of a camera, printers show up as a printer icon, a smart watch shows up as a watch icon, Raspb Pis show up a an RPi logo, etc.


See the image below for an example


It would be nice to see this in Unifi Controller.fing icons.jpg


DFS Visual Hit Detection in Unifi Local Controller / Unifi Elite Controller

Submitted by - 3 weeks ago
Status: New Idea


Add Visual DFS Hit Alert (Pop Up) /  within unifi "Alerts" as well as to trigger email alerts and where we can define the user permissions of who is to get these notices.




 Notes From @Campotrabajo 


- The APs do revert to the initial channel at a configurable time (for instance at night)
- the controller keeps track of the amount of times a DFS event has occurred per channel, so that we can avoid using the channels that are most regularly disturbed.




David S.







REQUEST : QoS on the USG

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

Hi All,


QoS on the USG & USG 4P would be very useful for video & Voice as well as anything else anyone wants to use it for,, Via the GUI would be ideal 



log incorrect password attempts on Wi-Fi networks

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

Would be helpfull to log clients attempts to connect to a Wi-Fi network using an incorrect WPA/WPA2 key. 


High number of incorrect login attempts might indicate a vlunarability scan or a brute force attack.


This feature might increase security of WLAN´s because Admins will see message in case of penetration.


Thanks for considering



Unifi Switch FAN Duty

Submitted by - Tuesday
Status: New Idea

Being able to set the fan to be on constantly would be good. i am getting overheating warnings with my switch hitting 112c yet the fan says Off.

Keep past DPI data

Submitted by -
Status: Duplicate


I love the DPI functionality, to have a quick overview of how my traffic.

However, I find it frustrating that I can only see currently acrtive devices for a traffic category.

E.g. in the main category "SECURITY UPDATE" I can see the following:

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 15.12.49.png


I know that none of the devices in my network has Avast installed - so I am curious to see which device communicated with Avast. However, since it happened in the past I cannot get that information - clicking on "Avast" will show: 


Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 15.15.27.png


It is impossible to for me to catch the application in the act - so I have to guess which devices might have initiated the traffic. 


You obviously have the data, it is just a matter of preseving/presenting it.. 


Please add this functionality :-) 





Controller stats: Add peak values for simultaneous users and channel utilization

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

Here is something that I have learned from my high-density deployments: The UniFi controller is missing a feature where peak values of the number of clients are collected and displayed. The hourly, and especially the daily summaries overshoot considerably (as those are totals of unique clients), and thus it is hard to impossible to understand the number of clients that simultaneously hit a single radio, and where action is needed - unless you sit an watch the controller live, permanently.


In addition: Peak and summary values of channel utilzation I would want to add to that.