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Controller based automatic channel and power selection

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Really the one feature that I consider makes it a "managed" solution. Would love it if the controller could automatically pick channels and power strength. Preferable on a regular basis to adapt to any new sources of interference or if adding in a new AP.

Provide official UniFi Controller Package for Synology Devices

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I have an UniFi AP powered Wifi running here (with multiple devices) which was controlled by a Unifi controller installed on a Windows Server. However, the later one's purpose is solely to run as a controller for the UAP devices as the rest of the functionality was replaced by a Synology NAS device (particularly the 1513+ model).

Coincidentally, one of my small-business clients is in the same spot - thinking about replacing the existing, orphan Wifi infrastructure and NAS system and I would suggest Unifi's without hesitation to them and also clearly the Synology ones, but unfortunately there's no convenient way to combine the two - run the controller on the NAS. As the Synology Operating System is actually Linux and the SMB models are mostly x86 ones, it shouldn't (and apparently isn't) be too hard to provide an official Ubiquiti package for it.


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Allow Controller to run on a Single IP Address

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Currently, as per the discussions in this thread, the controller binds to all IP addresses available on the host system. The port the server runs on is already configurable through the file, however the IP address is not (system_ip= is not used for this purpose). Currently therefore, the controller binds to the same port on every IP address.

I propose that the IP address be made configurable to bind to only a single IP if required. This would allow the the controller to run on say port 443 whilst another service, such as a web server, was also listening on port 443 on another IP address.




Two Factor Authentication on the Controller

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I'd like to request Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on the Controller.


I've put my controller onto an Amazon EC2 instance and it works great, but the login is only protected by a username and passord. I think it needs something stronger.


You could use the Google Authenticator, which I believe is open to anyone to use (via their APIs). Or another system.



Request: UniFi Controller overview for admins

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We are running Unifi Controller to administrate many of our clients WiFi's.
Is there any plans to create a dashboard/overview of all sites?
It would be nice for the administrator to have one dashboard to see status of all WIFI networks.
Today I have to select every site one by one to see if there is any problems.


We are running mmonit ( to monitor our servers, and they have a nice dashboard/status view. See attachments.