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Allow Controller to run on a Single IP Address

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Currently, as per the discussions in this thread, the controller binds to all IP addresses available on the host system. The port the server runs on is already configurable through the file, however the IP address is not (system_ip= is not used for this purpose). Currently therefore, the controller binds to the same port on every IP address.

I propose that the IP address be made configurable to bind to only a single IP if required. This would allow the the controller to run on say port 443 whilst another service, such as a web server, was also listening on port 443 on another IP address.




Allow access to only 1 IP on a restricted subnet.

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Status: Implemented
I have run into an issue with resources I made available being on a restricted subnet, when people are on our guest network. It would be great if you could still have restricted subnet a but override it for a single IP address. Granted this issue only occurred when I enable Hairpin NAT on our EdgeMax (to keep internal resources internal but still use the external domain address when they are on our network.) I guess I could get around this by allowing the subnet in the unifi controller and then setting up firewall rules in the EdgeMax. But it would be so much simpler to use the unifi controller settings.