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Hashing the passwords (Do not store in clear text)

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Please don't store the passwords (admin/user/...) in clear text (if anybody manages to get into the machine hosting the controller, people will have a leak).

Passwords should be salted and hashed, and the password reset functionality could be done through a script that will simply set a new password in the database.

built-in firewall in UniFi AP's

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   what currently fatally blocks me from deployment of Ubiquiti is a lack of control over firewall on each UniFi AP.

   While UniFi's run on top of OpenWRT with iptables in its guts, I can't get why these are "secret" to WLAN controller... ?

   Parts of my legacy infrastructure are still far from ACL's, pf's or iptables, that's why I have to rely on AP's themselves with attacks like rogue DHCP servers or IPv6's router advertisements. The problem is worse when this is done by Wi-Fi users themselves, on the same IP.


...or am I missing something?