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WAN 2 Link in Dashboard

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I'm using dual ISPs - one primary at 25M down/5M up and a secondary at 5M down/2M up.



The dashboard offers no indication of link status for the other WAN link. You can't see if it's up nor can you execute a speed test on it.


Would like the ability to be able to see the link status for both WAN links, as well as the ability to execute a speed test on both WAN links as well.


This is what it looks like even with a 2nd WAN link enabled for load balancing:


Screenshot 2018-04-28 14.20.46.png


Should look something more like this when you have 2nd WAN connected:


Screenshot 2018-04-28 14.20.46 2.jpg


That way I know there's a 2nd WAN interface that's electrically active plus I can actually perform latency and throughput tests on it.


Ideally I should be able to do this regardless if WAN 2 is set to failover or load balanced.





email notifications - RED : Disconnected - GREEN: Connected

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When a device has been disconnected we receive email notification starting ALARM width a RED header (banner).



Then the device is back online and we'll get the email notification stating CONNECTED but with same RED header (banner).



Vissually is easier to identify a critical event from a "good news" notification if RED and GREEN codes are used.


Can we fix that ?



"Replace" equipment instead of "Adopt" for a disconnected device in controller

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Given a functional Unifi controller environment, we have the occasion where a piece of UBNT hardware fails and we must replace it.


My suggestion is the following:

At the point we adopt a device, we should be able to bind the adoption to an existing entry in our Controller (which is currently marked as Disconnected)


For example:

US-16-150W needs to be replaced for RMA.

It is in a complex network, and has a bunch of port specific overides/names. It also has custom VLAN profiles (subsets of all the VLANS in the site)


Using this Adopt/Replace feature would simply change the Controllers MAC address of the old equipment entry to the new MAC address and force provision the new device to exactly replace the old unit. Boom, replacement hardware perfectly configured to drop in for the old hardware. It is totally fair and reasonable to require that the replacement equipment be factory reset other than the setting of the inform. (i.e. ubnt/ubnt for authentication)


This is akin to the "warm spare" model from Meraki.  This would greatly help us deal with mean time to repair on complex installations.


Today, the procedure to replace is to manually traipse through all the sub-menus and port configurations and reconfigure a newly adopted device to match the old one. Normally this is a 2 trip proceedure. Trip 1, we get 99.5% correct, and Trip 2 is when the customer finds that custom corner case we forgot about.


This enhancement would make device replacement (of an exact in kind unit) painless and precise. Both of those are relished in IT support.



Display WAN IP and Stats on Controller Dashboard

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For some reason I thought this already existed, but it doesn't appear so.


It would be nice if the controller displayed WAN IP address and other WAN stats on the dashboard.

Request: Block Adult Content

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I have a feature request. I know its possible with Cisco Umbrella, but I would like to have it integrated in Unifi products.


Is it possible to have a category within the DPI Restriction settings that will block Adult content. Someone from the helpdesk told me that it's possible to select Streaming to block Adult content, but since its 2018 and we also use Netflix and Spotify it's does not make sense to block that aswell. 


In some countries adult content is forbidden, but Netflix/Spotify are both not forbidden.


Thank you so much!


Request - Disable Software Update Messages

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Everytime you logon, refresh, change site... you get told about it again and again and again and it's just not convenient, or completly necessary to upgrade the very moment you're informed about it, let alone, told about it again and again and again...

Those messages have their uses, but the Software Update one is so relentless.  Even customers that manage theri own sites are buggin us about it now and wanting to know why 'we' have'nt upgraded, thus having to take more time explaining something that really should'nt have needed to be explained...


Please allow the option to disable those messages for all but the Super Admin and then make it so that it only notifies once, not every time you logon, change site...

Full DHCP Table

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Hope I am not duplicating previous posts.


I think it would be good to have access to a full DHCP table so we could see all of the IP's the USG is assigning to hosts. I currently have a few devices that only communicate thru the LAN and don't actually send information to the internet. As such these clients aren't showing up in the client table. It would be good if we could see all.


Update USG Hardware

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The USG seems stuck in time and is need of a hardware update given the new features of the software. A USG based on the ER-4 or (preferably) ER-6P would be ideal. It should have PoE and be able to power the Cloud Key and at least one AP like the UniFi AC Pro. It is tempting to get an EdgeRouter rather than a USG, but I'd rather stay all UniFi if possible.

SSL Certificate change in UI

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I think now when google have some restrictions for un protected sites and prices of ssl you should think about how to change SSL certificate easy way from UI.


Please deliver ASAP.  For me it is MUST. When i had windows controller i replaced keystore file but for CloudKey this is very big pain.

LetsEncrypt Integration

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Status: New Idea
Why not ingtigrate LetsEncrypt to auto update your controller certificates?

Usage stats to help identify which host is using all the bandwidth

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So I can see that it's been requested a few times. As network administrators, it would be great to easily identify which hosts / IPs are responsible for the most traffic through the USG.


Given that the USG gets mansaged by a controller and we don't connect to it directly, real time graphs like on EdgeRouters may not be possible. However, we don't need fully realtime.


Here is what we would need to know, at a glance:

1. How much data has been transferred by each host in the most recent period. (30s, 1m, 15m etc)

2. A ranked list so we can quickly see which one is on top.

3. Some kind of easy visual breakdown so we can see how much is being used by the top hosts.

4. If DPI is turned on, a nice breakdown on usage per host would also be good. On the summary page, these could be the categories used for DPI such as "File transfer", "Web", and "Streaming Media". When you click on any given host, a DPI page like the existing one could be presented, but just for that host.


I've mocked up what such a page could look like. Anyone got any feedback?




This is just a edited page from the existing traffic stats.

- It would allow for quickly selecting what time window you were interested in (top 5 selector buttons)

- It would allow for quickly selectined in/out/both traffic directions

- Each of the six breakdown sections in the lower part would correspond to a single host, and provide an overall DPI breakdown for that host. 

- There are only IPs here, but there's no reason not to use the discovered hostnames, or device names if they have been manually set.


I really like this. Please make it Man Happy

SSL key & cert upload through controller GUI / Lets Encrypt integration

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It would be nice to be able to upload SSL keys & certificates to the controller through the GUI so that the warnings caused by using the default self-signed certificate don't show when connecting to the controller without having to muddle around in the CLI. It would also be nice if the Lets Encrypt CA was directly intergrated into the controler so that the controler could automaticly request new certificates when needed.

dark theme for all pages!

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I have big monitors for my NOC.  The Unifi interface as default white is a bit too much.  Many other sites allow a "dark" theme; like the settings page of the Unifi controller. 


PLEASE bake in the option for a "dark" theme across all screens.

Request for Separate Guest Portal for different Wireless Networks

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Status: New Idea

Currently, We have only one Guest Portal corresponding to Wireless Networks with Guest Policy turned on.


I'd like to set my Wireless Networks(within a wireless AP):

SSID1(Guest Policy on) to use GUEST POLICIES with Authentication method: Hotspot

SSID2(Guest Policy on) to use GUEST POLICIES with Authentication method:  Facebook Wi-Fi

SSID3(Guest Policy on) to use GUEST POLICIES with Authentication method: Simple password

SSID4(Guest Policy on) to use GUEST POLICIES with Authentication method: No authentication


Is that possible?


This is my idea: Request for Separate Guest Portal for different Wireless Networks


best regards,



Disable tracking of clients in a specific network/VLAN

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Status: New Idea

I would like a feauture that lets me check a box with the text "Do not track clients on this network".


Reason beeing I tried to add a network (VLAN Only) that i transported my incoming internet via. And I am not interested in seeing my neighbours devices and ip addresses. Trunking the internet over two unifi switches and then into my USG works as it should. The only thing I want is not to list the clients found there. Instead of my 8 clients I have i see 100+ of them.


Thanks for reading.

Unifi protect - Ability to delete video

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Status: New Idea

Love the Unifi stuff...

But this NEEDS to happen ASAP.

We can't use this on our projects until it happens.




More granular time for Wireless LAN

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I want to create a Wireless LAN for my Kids so that when they are not supposed to be home their Wifi is disabled.

Now the current UI only supports a WLAN to be active from a time to another time.

I would like to have mulitple periods during the day where I can turn them on and off.


I have attached screenshots from both the Unifi Controller 5.5.24 and the same feature in a FritzBox which illustrates exactly what I would like to have.


Screenshot from 2017-11-05 14-51-13.png

Screenshot from 2017-11-05 14-47-09.png

IPS Dashboard should call out Geo-IP Blocked Countries

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Right now the countries on the map are uniform, but it would be great if the map called out Geo-IP Blocked countries.


Something like this...


Site names organizing important!

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Status: New Idea


Organizing and changing like this  the site names and in subcategories will give a big advantage  even with thousands of devices and installations will be mush more fast and ofcourse  no errors or meshing up diferent site confiqurations or no finding the correct site name ....       example in  the photo below



large.pngSite names

VPN site to site status

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Status: New Idea

will VPN site to site status be re-added to 5.9?


it exsisted in 5.8 and seems kind of dumb to remove it. Now i have to cli in to devices and do a manual check for site to site status.