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Provide official UniFi Controller Package for Synology Devices

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I have an UniFi AP powered Wifi running here (with multiple devices) which was controlled by a Unifi controller installed on a Windows Server. However, the later one's purpose is solely to run as a controller for the UAP devices as the rest of the functionality was replaced by a Synology NAS device (particularly the 1513+ model).

Coincidentally, one of my small-business clients is in the same spot - thinking about replacing the existing, orphan Wifi infrastructure and NAS system and I would suggest Unifi's without hesitation to them and also clearly the Synology ones, but unfortunately there's no convenient way to combine the two - run the controller on the NAS. As the Synology Operating System is actually Linux and the SMB models are mostly x86 ones, it shouldn't (and apparently isn't) be too hard to provide an official Ubiquiti package for it.


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Schedule time on/of per Access Point

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Dear Unifi team,


First of all we are a very satisfied user of 3 UniFi AC Access Points an 2 UniFi Pro Access Points.


At the moment we have 1 feature request:

-/ Provide a schedule time that can manage the ON/OFF time of wireless radio's per Access Point

=> eg. At night we just need 1 access point to be active (so all the other AP's can shut down the radio signal from 1am - 5.30am)

=> Pro's:

==> + Energy Efficient

==> + Less 'radiation' (better for health Man Happy ??)


Kind regards,



Rogue AP Detection Features

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Some extra rogue AP detection features I think people could use.

-Option to email when a rogue AP detected with options if rogue AP is encrypted or not.  If not encrypted then an option to automatically log into the AP and check to see if it's on the same hardwired network.

Here is a thread I started for this request but it should have been here:

4.X.X User and Guest count like in v2 and v3

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I would really like to see the user and guest count added back in to version 4 at the top of the page not just in the dashboard page, like in version 2 and 3 of the UniFi Controller.  It was a nice at a glace view no matter what you were doing in the controller.  

Automatic Throttling - Suggestion

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need a setting so that when a user goes beyond a certain amout of download/uploads in a certain amount of time they are throttled e.g. download 1gb in less then 4 hours and get throttled to xxx kbps, then even the second stage, if they keep downloading excessive amounts throttle them again more. then email and log an alert.

request already here so more poeple want it

UAP-AC - 5GHz DFS TPC compliant

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Can we please have an Indoor and an outdoor Access Point that is fully compliant in those jurisdictions where DFS & TPC are mandated.


By doing this, in Europe we can use - 

channels 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64, 100, 104, 108, 112, 116, 120, 124, 128, 132, 136, 140 at various power levels and in some cases outdoors.


Instead of having a few high powered APs, I'd rather have the opportunity to deploy many low powered Access Points. 5 GHz, does not have the propensity to leak between spaces as 2.4GHz does.


In order to make it easier to deploy many Access Points, it is important to ensure that they are totally silent (noise even stresses domestic pets and youthful humans hear what their elders no longer hear) and equally import be completely unnoticable when deployed and capable of being painted to aid in enhancing a lack of obtrusiveness. Whilst the present appearance is functional, it'd design cues are more tachno than Palladian or even contemporary.


So, please can you address this shortcoming "real soon now", because some of the high priced enterprise suppliers are beginning to address the need for these capabilities at sensible prices.

Radius Authentication with out encryption

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I would like to be able to use RADIUS authentication without using WPA2-enterprise (802.1X)  i currently have several apple airport extremes set up with my Microsoft NPS and all i do is enter the MAC address as the username and password in to my Active directory.  i don’t need the encryption, just simple "keep off my network" without the headache of WPA passkey being handed around. to the passer by our network appears open and "un secured" but the connection will fail if you havent been added to our AD