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New Idea

Unifi Controller Redundancy

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There should be away to provide controller redundancy - currently if the controller goes off line (hardware crash, or service shuts down), the access points go into autonomous mode.  This means guest networks end up either being locked out, or if access is  granted there are no limitations (other than restricted networks, etc).  

Please consider implementing the ability to have redundant controllers - a primary and secondary source. So that if the primary is offline, the AP contacts the secondary.  Synchronization of the primary and secondary controller should be easy enough to arrange. 






Airview feature

Submitted by -

Possibility to use AirView with unifi products (like with airmax), choosing which uap is doing spectrum analysis.

It would be great to find radio problems on an unifi deployment.



Feature request: AP / User heatmap

Submitted by -

We have so many APs on a map, that the details layer is overloaded.

I'd like to be able to show a user heat map, a bit like the coverage map layer to show where a quantity of users are logged on. Perhaps a ring system around each AP with definable steps (e.g. 1 green ring for 5 users, 2 green rings for 10 users, a 3rd amber ring for 20, a 4th red ring for 30 etc).

This would help see if I have enough APs in a densely used area of too many in another.


Just a thought!

Enhancement of SSID Support

Submitted by -

Support for more than 4 SSID's per radio.


UniFi Enterprise WIFI products should support more than 4 SSID's per Radio.

Enterprise products of other companies like HP or Cisco also support more than 4 SSID's.





UniFi firmware for Nanostation M2

Submitted by -

As crazy as this request may sound, please consider creating UniFi firmware for the Nanostation M2.

I love the UniFi system, but I also love how well the NSM2 works as a low cost outdoor sector AP. I have many customers happily using NSM2 as an AP, but I really wish it could be managed by UniFi.

UAP-Outdoor with an external sector antenna is overkill and not economically feasible in most settings I encounter. NSM2 w/ UniFi firmware would be an ideal solution.





Different Guest Policies for Different Guest SSIDs

Submitted by -

Forgive me if this request already exists -- I didn't see it while searching. You can delete this if I'm doubling up.

As it stands now, I can enable a guest network, but my settings for that (hotspot, portal, etc.) are SITE-WIDE. I've often encountered where I may want to have an encrypted guest network with no portal, along with an open guest network -with- a portal, agreement, etc.

I'd -much- prefer SSID-specific settings vs. site-wide settings!

Anti-bruteforce by automatic blocking upon X failed login attempts

Submitted by -

A great feature would be to implement anti-bruteforce, i.e., block a user (by MAC address) upon X failed login attempts.

[Hardware] 4x4 Multi-User MIMO 802.11ac Wave 2 Acces Point

Submitted by -

You are probably already working on it, but what I would like to see is a new, high-end access point based on the definitive 802.11ac specification (a.k.a. a Wave 2 AP). It would be awesome if it did support Multi-User MIMO and 4 spatial streams using a 4x4 MIMO set-up. It's already available in routers like Asus RT-AC87U and the Netgear R7500.


With this standard it would be possible to have a link speed of 1,733 Mb/s on the 5GHz band using 80MHz 802.11ac channels, and 800 Mb/s with 256-QAM on 2,4GHz and 5GHz using 40MHz 802.11n channels. This total potential link speed of 2533 Mb/s could be distributed over up to 8 client using Multi-User MIMO. It would also be awesome to see a cheap 802.11ac access point, with 2x2 MIMO support on both frequencies. So you would get a line-up like this:


  • New: UniFi AP AC Pro: 2,4GHz 4x4 MU-MIMO 802.11n, 5GHz 4x4 MU-MIMO 802.11ac (2533 Mb/s)
  • UniFi AP AC: 2,4GHz 3x3 MIMO 802.11n, 5GHz 3x3 MIMO 802.11ac (1750 Mb/s)
  • UniFi AP Pro: 2,4GHz 3x3 MIMO 802.11n, 5GHz 2x2 MIMO 802.11n (750 Mb/s)
  • New: UniFi AP AC Entry: 2,4GHz 2x2 (MU-)MIMO 802.11n, 5GHz 2x2 (MU-)MIMO 802.11ac (1167 Mb/s or 1267 Mb/s)
  • UniFi AP Long-Range: 2,4GHz 2x2 MIMO 802.11n (300 Mb/s)
  • UniFi AP: 2,4GHz 2x2 MIMO 802.11n (300 Mb/s)


With the addition of these two access points I think you have a very appealing line-up. Multi-User MIMO is gonna be huge in the coming year, with al new Qualcomm smartphones and tablets already supporting it and almost all other vendors working on it. 


So Multi-User MIMO, 256-QAM modulation and 4 spatial streams all in both bands, priced between $350 and $400, that is what I would love to see in a new UniFi access point. This plus a new entry 802.11ac access point with as much features a you can cram in for $150-$200. But that is just my opinion, I would love to hear others and maybe Ubiquiti can provide a sneak peak on the new hardware which I'm sure they're working on Man Happy.

Backend / Administrative Area LDAP integration

Submitted by -

It would be really great if the UniFi backend portal could be integrated with a LDAP (or ActiveDirectory) infrastructure.  Being able to assign sites and privileges based on LDAP/AD username or group membership would be amazing.

Almost every other software package we use has this ability and has greatly reduced the burdon on securing everything (Remembering to go through every package we use and deactive accounts when someone leaves), and it means the end user only needs to remember one username/password combination.  Adding/removing a user from a system is in a centeralized place.



WiFi schedule enhancement

Submitted by -



Recently Wifi schedule was introduced, which allows you to turn on an SSID for a time period during the day. Unfortunally, it does not exactly match my needs. Typically I turn on my AP early in the morning (7:00 AM) and turn it off after midnight (1:00 AM). The current WiFi Schedule feature allows you to only configure one "on" time period; for my case I want to turn "on" between 0:00 and 1:00 AM and 7:00AM and 23:59PM. OR in other words, I would like to be able to configure an "off" time period (between 1:00 and 7:00 AM). Basically I need an "inversion" of the currrent feature. The way I envisage this is a checkbox on the right side of the sliders which allows you to indicate if the time period "slice" should be considered as "On" or "Off" time.


Can you please considere as feature enhancement for the next update!!!???









VMware UniFi Controller OVF Package

Submitted by -

I want UBNT to take the next step and release a VMware Linux OVF UniFi Controller package that we can simply import into our existing VMware environments. I want a prepackaged Controller that requires very little setup.


If you want to own the enterprise space, this is a necessity. If you don't know it's a necessity, you need to hire someone like me. I've got a hundred ideas like this floating around in my head, but I'm usually too busy to take the time to express them.







Implement 802.11w to include Management Frame Protection to prevent DoS or Rogue AP Suppression

Submitted by -

I've been dealing a with a lot of Xirrus AP's near my unifi networks and they implement a DoS known as Rogue AP Suppression.  Because my apartments are so close to theirs they have been sending disconnect packets to my clients.


802.11w is the only way to prevent these types of DoS attacks.  Windows 8 currently supports the standard.



Allow Controller to run on a Single IP Address

Submitted by -

Currently, as per the discussions in this thread, the controller binds to all IP addresses available on the host system. The port the server runs on is already configurable through the system.properties file, however the IP address is not (system_ip= is not used for this purpose). Currently therefore, the controller binds to the same port on every IP address.

I propose that the IP address be made configurable to bind to only a single IP if required. This would allow the the controller to run on say port 443 whilst another service, such as a web server, was also listening on port 443 on another IP address.




Site/Controller Migration Tool

Submitted by -

Sometimes it is necessary to migrate sites or an entire controller to a new controller.  Maybe you are going from a local machine to an AWS instance, or you want to split a large controller into multiple pieces.  


You can manually load a backup into the new controller, that is easy enough.  What may not be easy however is updating all the UAP if you do not have a VPN into the network or you have manually adopted them instead of using DNS or DHCP options.  


What I would like to see is a migration tool built into the controller which you can basically move Site X to Controller Y, and this tool updates all UAP on Site X automatically like any other config change.  UAP provisions with new controller and links right up.  It would also copy all other settings like WLAN Groups, Guest Portal, config.properties, etc.    

IPv6 support for guest network

Submitted by -

I would like to have IPv6 connectivity in my guest network with client isolation enabled. It should work with SLAAC (Stateless Address Autoconfiguration).

send backup file to email on scheule

Submitted by -



I would like to see an option to send backup to email on daily schedule basis. 

Please add this soon.