New Idea

Notes field to record helpful info

Submitted by - yesterday
Status: New Idea


A note field or note system would be handy to store some info abou the site in.
This would also allow scripts and programs to store config data in the controller for that site making shure that they are correct with the site even after a backup restore.

New Product: Unifi MoCa

Submitted by - Wednesday
Status: New Idea

I have a couple of rooms that currently I cannot pull UTP to unless I cut holes, and I am not at a point to where I want to do that. I have coax in those areas, so I have been contemplating buying some MoCa adapters to extend my physical network to those locations. 

Then I got to thinking, I would like to find a MoCa adapter that was similar to the in-wall access points sold by Ubiquiti, and an even better idea is if Ubiquiti would choose to make such a creature. It could have coax-in on the back with an ethernet port and coax-out on the bottom. 

If there was a way to integrate Power over Coax or something that would be kind of cool. But I don't know how much of that is possible and provide the data connection.

Ability to remove default site when multiple sites available

Submitted by - yesterday
Status: New Idea

this has been requested before but ubnt hasnt addressed the concern.

Overhaul superadmin / controller user security

Submitted by - Thursday
Status: New Idea

Right now, when you need to remove a Super Admin (full admin rights on ALL sites), your only option is to downgrade the account to 'Administrator' which places an admin object on each individual site. So if you are managing a large number of sites you must then page through each site (70 in our case) to remove the admin account from each and every site. And hopefully you don't miss any!


This behavior leaves us with two unnatractive options:

- Share a single Super Admin login for all technical staff managing our customer's UniFi sites. Violates any number of compliance standards.

- Create proper named accounts for technical staff, but be left with no way to terminate a superadmin user in a safe & sane fashion when needed. When an superadmin leaves under good terms, this is simply painful & prone to error. If a superadmin is leaving under bad terms, there is really no way of quickly removing their access short of taking the controller offline while the downgraded admin rights are removed from each and every site 1 by 1. 



- Further grades of adminstative access; either fixed or definable based on roles.

- Ability to fully remove and administrator with 1 click.



- SuperAdmin: Full rights on all sites. Only level that can manage controller-wide admin accounts.

- ControllerAdmin (New): Full rights on all sites. Can't create other controller-wide admin accounts (SuperAdmin or ControllerAdmin). Can create individual Site-Admin accounts. 

- ReadOnly: Dashboard access for viewing stats & widgets. Cannot alter settings. CANNOT VIEW SSH LOGIN INFO for device management.


It would be really nice if we could just define rights ourselves; there are many situations in which I'd like to let the customer manage view their site, manage their WiFi keys, but not have access to modify LAN networks, upgrade firmware or view SSH credentials.




list cloudkey on ubnt device liston controller not in client list

Submitted by - yesterday
Status: New Idea

Couldnt find cloudkey listed under ubnt devices. its hidden in the client list.

relocate this into the ubnt list of devices. 


Support said it couldnt be done as it attaches to a switch. Guess what. So do APs and they are in the device list.

Use Names for Devices and Clients instead of MAC addresses in SHD Airtime and Airview

Submitted by - Thursday
Status: New Idea

The Airtime and Airvierw screens use MAC addresses only for those that map to known (to the controller) base stations and devices, it would be great to have the name as well as the mac address.. Thanks!



UniFi Controller: Allow device category selection in Firmware cache section

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

Please allow device category selection in Frimware cache section, as it currently exists in Devices page.


Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 9.27.46 AM.pngCategories selection option on Devices page


Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 9.28.08 AM.pngInclude Device Categories selection section on Firmeware Caching page.

USG has too many limitations. Basic functions on most other routers are missing or not supported

Submitted by - Thursday
Status: New Idea

Seriously. This product is now direct competitor to a sonicwall or even a TP-Link router. So far here are the limitations and lack of featrures I have discovered:

1. Cannot reserve IP addresses via MAC address in DHCP configuration section.

2. Have reservation list section on the DHCP configuration page.Almost all routers do this. I do not want to have to search through clients and devices to see who has static or DHCP assigned IP address.

3. List the Cloudkey device in the UBNT device summary. The ubnt controller is to control ubnt devices. Why do you put the cloud key into the clients section. That doesnt make sense.

4. Be able to assign WAN priority in the controller UI. Not under CLI. Seriously. You want us to configure using this process???

5. Be able to see the USG logs in the controller. Not via CLI. You have a statistics page, why cant you display the logs this way. 6. Have a refresh function on the logs summary page to see errors in real time.

7. USG is very slow to configure, save, provision and restart even on simple changes.

8. Discovered cloudkey no longer links to ubnt online account if USG switches from WAN1 to WAN2. This should not happen. Rather than base the cloudkey link via an IP address, it should use the userid and password entered on the cloudkey section of the page. Or at least allow it to do periodic checks for IP address changes.

9. Reduce the number of updates pls. Everytime I log into the controller it would seem there is yet another update. Can you do monthly or something. Its good enough for microsoft, why not UBNT. 

10. When a controller has multiple sites, be able to delete the default if others exist. 

11. Better error msg on initial password setup for controller  We were not providing a secure enought password, but the error msg (lack of), did not say this was the problem. 

12. Somewhere on cloudkey storage keep historical and cumulative traffic statistics on devices and clients. Important in problem analysis.


Thats what I can think of for now. 


Dark mode for UniFi Controller

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

I just updated and don't like at all how new unifi controllers looks. To much white and the rest of colors are too light. I think it would be nice to have a dark mode that allows more contrast between background and text and will also rest sight.

Do not display version number until *after* successful login

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

I'd like to suggest the unifi controller (and really any other ubnt software such as the unifi video netvr) not display the software version number until after a user has successfully logged in. The idea being it is better to not disclose the version number to anyone who stumbles upon the login page as that information could be used to determine if a server is running the latest version which could then be used to determine what type of exploits might be successful against said server.

User based time control of internet access (child savety lock)

Submitted by - 3 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

as you offered already for wifi access "User based time control of wifi access"

please also offer a possibility to time control the internet or LAN access for wired devices.


Example: I want to restrict the access (internet or complete LAN) for my kids

Sunday-Thursday 23:00 - 6:00

Friday-Saturday 24:00-6:00


In Germany the Fritz Box is very common as intelligent modem/router - here you can define device groups (e.g. "kids") and define such internet access times per device group. Or filters (blacklists/whitelists) for web pages etc. Or restrict access to x hours in the defined time schedule.


I have seen a kind of solution in  Time based drop all on LAN_IN for certain devices

but this seems to complex for me - I need a graphical interface in my unifi controler such as



2018_12_30_Kindersicherung Fritz Box 2.png

In this example access is granted on Monday from 6:00 to 22:00 - but only for 1 hour in this time frame.

On Saturday and Sunday here 2 hours are allowed.


For wifi unifi already provides a kind of WLAN schedule - but not that nice as above shown AVM Fritz Box does:

2018_12_30_WLAN schedule.png


UniFi App Store

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

Ubiquiti should create an app store that services the UniFi platform. 


Such is the variety of requirements of UniFi customers, that Ubqiuiti could never fulfil them all.


An app store would allow third party products and services build within the UniFi platform and create multiple long tail solutions that would enhance the overall value of the platform


Powerful apps and integrations to assist, engage and retain more customers with UniFi

Multi-tenant UniFi controller

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea



I found this beta forum discussion and thought I would create a feture request for it - Multi Site Management


Some excelent ideas on there:


From @sullivandg

1. Allow segmention of sites on a controller by an additional level so we could tier sites by location or importance?


2. Schedule configuration for notifications. I don't really want to know what is going on between midnight and 5AM (for example), so if we could define multiple schedules which we couple apply to sites for notifications I wouldn't spend my whole life with so many notifications that I can't filter out the important ones.


3. Consider how long it takes to upgrade these sites when required...I like to segment sites into beta for initial updates and then roll out to the rest in two phases...the thought of having 150+ sites go down due to a failed update (think about Microsoft OCT 2018 Windows update) is horrifying. It would be nice to be able to group sites and update groups of sites one click.



From @scott_thomson wrote:


- Multi-site alert viewing & clearing (sites overview is insufficient, painful to page thru each site to view & clear alerts).

- Multi-site seach & reporting: Show me all sites with X, Y, or Z model. Show me firmware versions across sites.

- Mulit-site firmware management & scheduling.

- Multi-site option control: Oh, this new firmware version sh*ts the bed if Speedtest (or DPI or IPS, etc, etc) is on? It'd be nice to turn that off enmasse from one place instead of having to page through each and every site. 


Basically the idea is to group multiple sites together as one tenant - with its own set of admin/read-only users, guest portal per site / tenant and tenant dashboard with overview of all sites.


Understandably this would probably require quite a rewrite of the current controller, however this would make for an ideal MSP solution.

UniFi Controller: Would like option to use custom phrases for WiFi/Network Experince indicator

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

Please allow option to customize the wording used for WiFi Experience/Network Status (UniFi Status Healine) message.  Phrases such as:

  • Everything is Awesome
  • All is Well!
  • System Needs Attention!
  • Things are lookikng pretty good!

Full Disk or File Based Encryption Support

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

I would use the new Ubiquiti Cloud Key Generation 2 Plus Controller, but the most important function I miss is


Full Disk Encryption or File Based Encryption


which ensures:

- nobody that steals the device can extract or view the videos I have recorded

- nobody that steals the device can extract the credentials that were saved in the configuration

- nobody that gets the device in whatever way Man Wink is able to analyze my Wifi-Connect times (which could be used to determine when I was at home and when not)


I thought about something like the 

- Android 8.0+ FBE Implementation while the security relies on the Trusted Execution Environment Implementation


- Windows Pro+ FDE Implementation which relies on Bitlocker in combination with a TPM Chip.


I would see device encryption on USW/Cameras as not so important as it always contains only parts of the configuration and is much more complicated to be extracted.


Without these functions, Persons focussed on Security will always have to use native x86 Setups on their already encrypted devices.




Switch Stats, allow LAG groups to show stats for the group

Submitted by - a week ago
Status: New Idea

Under the Switch Stats, the details are only for individual ports.  When a LAG is defined, each member port still shows stats only as an individual port.


It would be nice to allow showing stats for the LAG as a group, reporting the aggregate traffic for the entire LAG.

Request - OpenVPN Server GUI

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea
I would like to put in a feature request for OpenVPN server configuration (and client certificate generation) in the Unifi GUI. This would be a significant benefit. The lack of this feature is the main reason I have not deployed USGs more widely.

Bring back Dark Theme for whole GUI

Submitted by -
Status: New Idea

With the upgrade to Unifi SDN 5.9.29  everything went all white - as it should because Unifi devices are white in color. There is a preference setting to make the Settings "gear" screen use a "Dark Theme" which is what Unifi SDN GUI used to use for colors. 


I am legally blind. Yes all white is cleaner as a gui and maybe even snazzier. It's a whole lot worse for me. Please allow the "Dark Theme" to apply to the whole Unifi SDN GUI so I can see again. It's hard to see light grey on white icons on the left sidebar and just about everything would be easier for me if I could have the Dark Theme for the whole experience.  

UniFi Controller Two Factor Authentication - NOT Implemented

Submitted by - 2 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

We desperately need 2FA for LOCAL ADMINS on the UniFi controller.  The cloud solution that was implemented here does not work for everyone as some controllers cannot be linked to the cloud:


There are a TON of compliancy issues with not having 2FA for local admins on the controller.  We desperately need a solution here.  Thanks.

Multiple WAN Ip Addresses

Submitted by - 3 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

On the unified gateways, you should be able to add multiple IP addresses to the WAN port and be able to assign port forwarding and VLANs to each IP address using the controller vs having to do it through the command line. Most of your competitors have this out of the gate. Shouldn't be that hard to add.