Status: New Idea

Couldnt find cloudkey listed under ubnt devices. its hidden in the client list.

relocate this into the ubnt list of devices. 


Support said it couldnt be done as it attaches to a switch. Guess what. So do APs and they are in the device list.

on ‎01-18-2019 02:47 AM

There have been more requests like this in the past. But the CloudKey is not a device, it has no device properties, it can't be provisioned. In other words, it is a client that happens to run the controller software and it doesn't "fit" in the device page.. So it is not very likely this is gonna happen.


By the way, you can better upvote an existing request than create a new one yourself. That increases the change it will ever happen.

on ‎01-19-2019 04:41 PM

I would love to see this in device list too.  It has an IP.  Make it go on the device list.  If it can be seen as a client, it can be seen as a device.  Period.