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make cloud-key reliable and stable!

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our 2 cloud keys both do not work in reliable way:

1. you can't access via "the cloud" 90% of the time: "requesting SDP" until timeout

2. you can't access hotspot configuration via "the cloud". Just an empty main area of the page

please try your best bringing your product cloud key to an acceptable standard.

on ‎01-30-2018 05:42 AM

Hi in the smallnetbuilder review here - I read this section:


The UniFi product family has been expanded to include managed switches, security gateway / routers, VoIP phones and IP cameras. The UniFi controller, however, supports only access points and security gateways. Separate controllers must be installed to support VoIP phones and IP cameras and they can't be installed on the Cloud Key.

Note the UniFi family does not include EdgeRouters, which are part of the EdgeMAX family. If you want a router to appear in the UniFi dashboard shown below, it will need to be a UniFi Security Gateway (USG, about $120) or Security Gateway Pro4 (USG-PRO-4, about)


1)  Does anybody know if the cloud key has been updated to include support for EdgeRouters, VoiP phones, or IP Cameras?

on ‎01-30-2018 07:21 AM

Cloud Key does not support any decives that are not in the UniFi line currently. You have to use UNMS for EdgeRouters and VoiP phones, and yet another system for UniFi Video.