"Archive All" tends to NOT work when there are a large (15000 or so) numbers of Alert entries.

Submitted by 4 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

Databases can be funny when working with large numbers of entries, A lot of time, the script just times out. For example, on an account where I have 16500 entries, Archive all does nothing. I just get the spinning wheel for awhile and the number stays the same when it's done. (I CAN, however, delete them one at a time.) (Also, database compacting doesn't help.) So how about this... (When working with databases in the past, it was always easier to delete smaller numbers over and over then to try and delete a large number en-masse.)

Give us a Link that lets us delete 100/500 or so at a time. This way, we can whittle the number down and eventually get them all archived.