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use cloud key on remote site, but management on own hosted controller

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I have a locally hosted unifi controller, and 20 sites where I manage ugs’s, switches and ap’s

These sites are ships in the off-shore industry, where the internet connection only is app. 1mbps at best.

We regularly carry up to 50 passengers, and have configured a special guest network for these users.


The problem is that the guest portal is located on the local server, and when 50 passengers try to connect to the guest portal, then the network is overloaded and therefor very slow.


If there was the possibility to have a remote-site cloud key with management and the guest portal, that stil was managed from the own hosted controller, this would solve quite a bit of BW usage only for this purpose.


Furthermore, it also would be nice to have the possibility to set the guest time out for 2 hrs.  - again because of bw usage. Smartphones and tablets are especially bw consuming.

on ‎02-15-2019 06:57 AM

I believe that multiple CK's on multiple sites can all be set to be managed on a single unifi.ubnt.com web site where you can select and manage each from a common gui. The actual controller (cloud Key gen2) is than local to the network and requires little to no WAN bandwidth unless you are logged on and making changes. All reporting is stored locally to the network.


So you might look into this as a solution since this approch might be more of a thin client type solution if you are just trying to avoid the extra WAN load of the remotely based controller solution?