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Add Critical Alerts notification

Submitted by - Thursday
Status: New Idea

With the introduction of "Critical Alerts" on IOS 12, apps can now bypass "do not disturb" mode and notify users with push messages.


I was wondering you guys could enable this feature on Unifi Video and Unifi?  the purpose of that is simple and I will give a couple of examples:


Unifi Video:  Someone breaks in your premisses at 1am, camera will capture the movement and generates a push alert message. Currently I will be only able to check when I wake up in the morning and it will too late to call the police and catch the person while he's in the premisses.  With Critical Alerts, even in Do not Disturb mode I will get a notification with sound so I can act at the same time.


Unifi:  Lets suppose a USG goes down in the middle of the night in a critical site.  you will be reading the notification when people are just about to reach the premisse and start working. 



I wish you guys could add this "Critical Alerts" to next APP update