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Home Controllers and Sites info / quick view

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It would be great if we can have a quick view of all controllers and sites in this main page :




Some information like 


- Controller : Host and IP resolved if can connect to it 


- For each controller sub line with sites status

like in this screen




Yeah ! Man Happy

by Ubiquiti Employee
a month ago

Hey @GB_fr,


If you tap on "Edit" on the controllers screen, then on the info button, you can access a controller detail screen with a site overview:


 Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone XS - 2018-09-19 at 16.39.50.png


You can also tweak some options for this by tapping on the slider button in the top right in the controller list. Is that what you're looking for or am I misunderstanding?



a month ago

Looks nice but may be it appears only if you have an account,

i do not have this feature with autonomous controllers


Thank you

by Ubiquiti Employee
a month ago

Right, yeah it requires cloud access, doing it for direct access would require quite a bit more time and wouldn't always work.


Just curious, what's the reason not to have cloud access enabled?

a month ago

@UBNT-Jonge i know you must implement thoses functions in the app and not only show information from the cloud.


so it was why i wasn't too greedy ;-)


- host and ip resolved is to view when i'm in the lan or from wan (local ip controller is resolved in different way)


- controller accessibilty : view if we can connect to the controller before open it and wait message "you can't : retry".

  because with many controllers and many acces rules ( only from lan, only from specific vlan, from wan, from vpn, from specific IP, etc... ) i will see if i'm on the good rule before i clic to connect.

  It's not really to check if controller is runing but if it's reachable - so it is normal wouldn't always work.


- view sites status

  i understand the app must auto connect to the controller regularly to show this info

  but it would be great - because manually checking all sites for different controllers is a little bit boring 

  ( and adding a main password, localy in the keychain, to lock the list of controllers would be great too )


Why not cloud account ?

Because i sale / install / manage UNIFI installations for differents compagny  but they are not mine.

Each compagny have differents rules / policy about access. I can't group all of them into one account

Access to stand-alone controllers from the app is like access to each from a browser 



Voilà !

Thank you