TURN OFF IR LEDS for use Behind Windows

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We need to be able to TURN OFF IR LEDS for use Behind Windows so we can use external IR.


I can turn off the IR in the camera so it does not reflect off the inside window, HOWEVER that also makes it so the camera can't "see" using IR when using a high powered outside IR LED light. 


We need to be able to turn off JUST the LED's but have all other nightvison functions remain on. (Turning on at dusk etc.)  Again...Just the LED's.


All Cameras Current Cameras and Future.  I came across this issue with the UVC G3 Flex and also tried the Micro.   

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I'm installing G3 Flex:s in my new house and mounting inside behind windows would save me a lot of trouble .


1. I can use the ethernet outlets inside without drilling holes in the walls. 

2. Protect them from outside weather. Yes they are outdoor approved but I live in Sweden so 5 months of winter...


Currently the image is useless when going into IR night mode. 

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This is how bad it is at night when not able to use external IR lights.. 


15 Second Clip on YouTube.