stealth "skins / cover" for the UVC G3 Dome cameras

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I`m owner of UVC G3 Dome cameras ( see attachment )
The cameras are hidden on outdoor to protect my cabin / area

Due the fact the cameras corpus is WHITE >>> it looks like you set a red dog in the middle of a green meadow ( see example picture )

So I´m looking for a “stealth cap / skin / Cover / coating....” to hide the equipment in the area ( brown / green / black / camouflage…. )

actually the white corpus is not acceptable to set up a discrete surveillance


on ‎11-13-2018 06:53 AM

i like the idea, but that dome is NOT outdoor rated.  

3 weeks ago

spray it with black plastidip and call it a day... u can always peel it off if you dont like it.