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CK2+ Remote Camera location

Hi all,


I have searched and cannot find a solid answer.


I am contemplating installing a CK2+ to look after around 6 cameras locally (same network). I am wondering if you could adopt a remote camera (or two) at a different location (different network/ip) and manage that camera/s to update it and record the footage on the CK2+?


Bandwidth would not be a problem for the remote camera stream but just wanted to try and keep costs down by utilising a single CK2+, as it would work out to be quite expensive to have to have two CK2+ for both sites.


throwing ideas around to see what can work?





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Re: CK2+ Remote Camera location

I believe what you are looking for is Layer 3.  While I have tested it and it does work, I cant say it is super reliable.  Maybe one of the Admins can confirm it works or not.





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Re: CK2+ Remote Camera location


While you can configure cameras over L3 with port forwarding, the recommended way to connect them is over a VPN tunnel between the two sites. This is pretty quick and easy to establish if you are using UBNT gateways at both sites.

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