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Cloudkey Gen 2 plus - times out

Looking to see if I'm missing something here.  Previously I was using the unifi video nvr (docker) in unraid, worked flawlessly.  Local access only on wifi so it wasn't exposed to the internet but for updates.  I could share with Nanny while she's onsite, but no access when away from the home.


Updated to the Gen 2 plus, and I cant' seem to figure out how to make it local only.  Within the settings of the Cloudkey, protect app, I can state local, but nothing will login, and it will always go to discover the controller, and the lcd shows no bluetooth on (has the line through it).


So how do you enable it for local only?  I'll use my VPN to connect if away.  Mobile app will not let me manually setup the IP address and login like the unifi Video app would. 



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Re: Cloudkey Gen 2 plus - times out

As stated in other threads, at this time, you are not able to connect locally to Protect. It has to do the connection and handshake through he cloud, then the videos and other data is transferred via local LAN if you are there. No way around this. UBNT says it will be local at some point..but just not right now.
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Re: Cloudkey Gen 2 plus - times out

got it. for my firewall, anyone know what the direct url or IP's are for unbt?
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Re: Cloudkey Gen 2 plus - times out

If you want to connect using a desktop browser and are over the VPN, you won't need to forward any ports. Just open the CloudKey's private IP over port 7443 and you can log in using the local account credentials. Protect still using WebRTC to establish connections when local, so avoid firewalling all outbound connections on your router or it won't be able to establish those connections.

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