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Demo Site? Experience on Mac?

Is there a demo site for Protect like there is for the networking gear (


Also, what is the experinece like on Max OSX Mojave?  Or just Safari 12 or the latest Chrome or Firefox on Mac?


The Hikvision plugin for my current cameras no longer works on Mac.  Time to start planning the next Gen.

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Re: Demo Site? Experience on Mac?

No demo site.


Protect works pretty good in macOS Mojave using Chrome or Firefox. Safari it’s not supported. The “live” view experience depends on you Mac video card processing power. But overall works great.




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Re: Demo Site? Experience on Mac?

Would also love to have access to a demo site, since have so many questions on functionality which could be answered in a few minutes with a demo site. Even a screenshot walk through of all the parts of the app/ui, would help though I imagine new features are added often so would be out of date quickly which is why a demo would be great.


Also a bit frustrating to hear no support for the native browser on macOS, aka Safari. Hopefully they are getting closer for people in the Mac world who use Safari for the best UI, Apple Pay support, small top bar vertical space (on mobile devices), better responsive dev tools for testing on ios devices, sms auto fill, privacy settings, and other items to name a few. Thank you!