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How to change UVC camera to static IP

I've got a bunch of UVC cameras that seem to be getting their IPs via DHCP. I'd like to give them static addresses, but I can't figure out how or where to change the camera IPs. 


If I select a camera from the Protect UI (I'm running 1.6.0), none of the tabs-- General, Manage, etc. give me the option to change the IP.  


Am I missing something? Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.



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Re: How to change UVC camera to static IP

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If you browse to http://<ip_of_camera> the WebUI let's you configure a static IP. Username is 'ubnt' and the device password is located in Protect under Settings -> General -> Device Password


However I prefer to setup a static address in the DHCP server so there is less chance of having a device get orphaned. Are you running the UniFi Network controller for your network?

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