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Increase Disk Space on Cloudkey G2+

I have just replaced the hard drive in my Cloudkey G2+. I mirrored the drive from the old drive onto the new drive and used parted and resize2fs. The manage cloud key inteface shows the full 5Tb is available, but it seems that protect is still only using the origin 1TB. It seems that there is a setting that needs to be changed to allow protect to use up the test of the drive.


I am about to add an additional 4 cameras and it would be nice if I can use the extra space.


Thanks in advance


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Re: Increase Disk Space on Cloudkey G2+

There is no setting capping the space that protect uses, there is only the inverse of that, space to keep free on disk, which defaults to 32gb, perhaps you just need to give it more time for Protect to start utilizing the extra storage space?