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Introducing UniFi Protect

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Introducing UniFi Protect


Announcing UniFi Protect: Our next-generation video surveillance software.


What's new?

  • Completely new NVR software and mobile applications, designed for maximum responsiveness
  • New cloud backend optimized for reliability and fast startup times
  • Fast timelapse scrubbing for rapid video review. Review days of video footage in seconds.
  • Streamlined setup process: Mobile phone bluetooth setup for new UCK-G2-PLUS NVR hardware
  • Motion-adaptive bitrate to maximize video storage time
  • New, more accurate motion detection algorithm
  • Closer integration with UniFi, beginning with the app-switcher tool for quick switching between your UniFi controllers
  • Automatic NVR updates (optional) to keep your systems up-to-date

Will my existing video cameras work with UniFi Protect?

Yes! You don't need to buy new cameras to use UniFi Protect. All G2 and G3 UniFi Video Cameras will work with UniFi Protect.


How can I get UniFi Protect?

UniFi Protect is available on the new UniFi CloudKey G2 Plus hardware:


Is UniFi Protect a direct replacement for UniFi Video 3?

UniFi Protect is an evolution of UniFi Video 3. We built UniFi Protect from the ground-up for the best video viewing and reviewing experience possible. UniFi Protect does not yet support all of the advanced configuration features of UniFi Video 3, such as motion-only recording and advanced user permissions. These features will be coming to UniFi Protect soon.


What will happen to UniFi Video 3?

We're committed to supporting existing UFV3 installations. The UniFi Video 3 software will continue to receive security updates, bug fixes, and support for any new G3 camera models. The UFV3 software will remain available for download on the website and the cloud service will continue to support free remote access for UFV3 installations.