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Inviting Users

I have the latest update on the CK-Gen2-Plus running Protect with the latest firmware. I also have the latest iOS app. I'd like to "Invite User" via the app. I've entered their email and they received an email. It seems to act up once they try to "Accept Invitation" from their email on their iPhone.


Does a newly invited user have to have their own Ubnt account? Or why can't the Protect app just open and hook up to the NVR?

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Re: Inviting Users

Yes, my understanding is that each invited user has to have their own ubnt account.


I could not get my user to receive the email invite so I added them by username and password.  That's as far as I've gotten as I do not understand how they are supposed to access the video.

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Re: Inviting Users

Yes, each user is required to have their own ubnt account.


Accepting the invite from mobile should work, but if you're having issues you could try to accept from a computer. If you are accepting from a device where you're already logged in on another UBNT account, make sure to sign out first.