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Hi Can any one help,


I have been looking for Cloud Key G2 Rack Mount Accessory with SKU No: 

UCK-G2-RMK where can we get it from as I have been looking far and wide and only seem to find it on UK sites bedies but they say no stock on or any UK Sites where can you get it from that has stock as I live in Australia and happy to pay to get it shipped to me.


Thanks Ben

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It seems to be out of stock right now. I recommend you come back to the store and see if it is back in stock. When they do come back in stock, they tend to go out again within a couple days or less. You need to be paying attention or you will miss the next shipment. I recommend checking at least once a day, if not 5 times a day.
Their store will see the products way before the 3rd party sellers.