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Ability to group/segregate firewall rules in the GUI

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The ability to group/segregate firewall rules in the GUI would be an excellent addition.


Large rule lists of ingress and egress firewall rules can be daunting to create, organize, and verify. 

Adding the ability to group rules into a logical structure of sets could reduce rules from possibly not firing in the expected order, assist with management time, and reduce misconfigurations when large rule sets are used.


This could be done merely by segregation style title banners for the group, color coding, or both.


Thank you for your consideration.

on ‎03-14-2019 07:18 AM

There recently was a post of someone asking for this feature.


As a work around, you can create "poor man dividers" by creating DISABLED rules with titles such as

"===== ALLOW IoT Rules =====" which can be placed above the section of rules you want to segregate.