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Add Dynamic DNS GUI support for multiple WAN interfaces

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Status: Implemented



I would like to suggest the development team add Dynamic DNS support for multiple WAN interfaces (USG3P and USG PRO) via the Unifi  controller GUI. 


Thanks in advance.

by Ubiquiti Employee
on ‎08-21-2017 05:46 PM
Status changed to: Implemented

already implemented in 5.6.x controller

on ‎08-23-2017 01:11 PM

thanks for you reply @UBNT-cmb!

Yes, I just installed 5.6.14. You are correct and the beta allows adding Dynamic DNS entries for multiple WAN interfaces. But, you still can't add multiple hosts by using the same service.


I believe I may not be the only one who would like to be able to add one entry for WAN1 and point it to mywan1.dyndns.com and one entry to WAN2 and point it to mywan2.dyndns.com.


Best regards

on ‎01-20-2018 01:53 AM
Yes, need this! Been trying to add multiples via JSON but no luck either... I just moved to an all Ubiquiti setup with a USG, a bit disappointed I can't add my three Google Domains dyndns entries, as I had with DD-WRT.
on ‎02-09-2018 12:06 PM
This should not be an implemented status. You cannot add multiples of the same DDNS service on the same WAN... WHY NOT????