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Dynamic Smart Queue bandwidth

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I'm using LTE connection for Internet, which is nowdays pretty much a standard over here as the local operators are not willing to provide fiber to sparsely populated areas and old phonelines are being gradually phased out and removed (on top of being slow, like 8/1 slow..).


I've got some 5km to nearest LTE mast and the results could be described as "variable bandwidth connection" based on local antenna/mast utilization, weather and state of vegetation growth. On top of that the operator has daily maintenance cycle on the local mast and when that goes down the next mast at 10km will provide the service.


The result is a connection with variable speed between 10/1mbps and 200/50mbps. Smart queues seem to help with the buffer bloat and connection lag as long as the variable bandwidth can keep over the queue bandwidth. Ofcourse the connection speed is cut at the queue bandwidth. But when the bandwith drops below the smart queue limits the bloat and connection lag reappears.


My suggestion is to create variable bandwidth smart queues, which monitor the queue size and dynamically adjusts the settings based on how well the queue is performing.


Available bandwidth example for past 7 days below.



(Do note that some of the downspikes on the graph are due to actual data using up the bandwidth at the point of speed test)