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Dynamically Enable/Disable or Static Schedule for IPS/DPS?

Submitted by - a month ago
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Now in the interest of being upfront I'm proposing this with ZERO idea how it would actually be implemented since enable/disable requires a provisioning event from the controller. However... 


I bought the USG Pro a few months ago having zero clue the XG was even a twinkle in someones eye (I'm looking at you beta store!!) and I also have a gigabit WAN connection. That said obviously the throughput with IPS on it dismal at best but at the same time I really like the protection. 


Would it be possible for us lowly USG Pro (and maybe USG?) somehow have the option to schedule IPS or possibly have it enabled dynamically by a traffic level/time algo so it knows when there is low load for long periods? I realize this defeats some of the purpose but I'm totally ok with 250MB throughput when I'm sleeping or at work and the majority of IPS events I've seen when I had it on are while I'm sleeping. 


I dont think this would cannibalize sales from the XG as I dont think many home users really want to spend 2K plus on it but could be a nice selling feature for the peasant models Man Wink