Feature Request: PVST/MSTP

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Status: New Idea

Any chance we can get PVST support (Per VLAN Spanning Tree). It doesn't mke sense to block a whole switchport these days. Especially if you don't always trunk all VLAN's.

on ‎05-07-2018 08:03 PM

This would be a welcomed feature! Same goes for MCLA.

on ‎05-11-2018 10:11 AM

MST !! yes please

a week ago



That would be awesome, especialyl as now the Unifi product line, withteh USW-16-XG can have a real "core" network are 10Gbps.


Some advantages can be to via the GUI, configure multiple STP (mSTP), have simple redundant design, and with the MSTP pat cost, provide really performant solution and centralized solution.

here, a sample frmo someone in the forum , where at the end everything is done via command line on the USW-16-XG, instead of a GUI :

  • define the STP mode to MSTP
  • root weight on the USW-16-XG to define a root one, and then others others, one after the other one
  • define per VLAN a STP
  • define per VLAN/STP the cost of each 10Gbps port
  • to have primary, backup and secondary 10Gbps link (the edge gigabit link have high cost anyway)