Formal GUI support to convert USG from router to passthrough monitor device.

Submitted by 3 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

UBIQUITI, I love your software.  I love your switches.  I love your WiFi access points and bridge antennas. I love the USG's network data and DPI functionality.


I hate having to double NAT because I can't use your USG for our top level firewall:  You don't support enterprise level security features like antivirus, etc.  This forces me to subnet WiFi systems and double NATing.  This becomes a major burden and is nearly impossible to implement across dozens of sites, never mind maintain w. VLAN and 3rd party hardware (Like VoIP phones).  Too many problems caused by additional NAT.  It's nice to have data for WiFi devices, but it would be far better if I could use USG to collect metrics for everything.  


I've seen the hack method, but come on.  USG'S are a mature product that started out really sparse and barely functional.  Just give it a little bit more TLC and Admins like me would buy them a dozen at a time.  Really, no kidding.  Instead I keep flipping them over and over, hoping you'll fix them.


Don't get me started on finally actually supporting the 3rd port............