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how you think to implement a full IGMP Snooping support.


At the moment it is only possible to Activate IGMP Snopping or not

but IGMP has so much configuration options such as 


IGMP Snooping: Activ / Inactiv

Unkown Multicast: forward / discard


IGMP Member Ports

Fast leave

router port time

member port time

leave time

static router ports


and so on 


thank you (i really need this :=) )

on ‎12-05-2017 04:24 AM



Full IGMP Support means:


to Change the Settings how IGMP work:







and much other options....


also much systems need to use igmpv2 ... 


all this is not possible at the moment to configure


now did you understand?





on ‎02-23-2018 08:46 AM

Gentlemen @ubnt,

Meanwhile IPTV is worldwide in use. Just bought another USG. But I have to confess I'am disapointed. I have good networking skills, though I'm not a scripting-guy. Have read many posts in the forum, but could not make IPTV (Swisscom) work. 


The controller MUST support such important features like IGMP on the WebGUI.


Let me be very clear: You guys have done a great job on WIFI! But even there: IGMP V3 does not work. Connecting an IP TV-Box will not work on the 2nd ethernet-interface. 


On USG for years, the the needed priority was not given.You honestly should decide wheter you wonna further invest in security products or better stopp at this point an focus all resources on WIFI Products. Sometimes it's better to do one thing great than 5 things on best effort.


If I could wish I would love to see all Unifi products got a boost in development. There is a great fundament but still so many things to finish.


As for now many of your customers just get frustrated. Sad to say. 


Please think about.



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What part of iptv is not working. 

We Use iptv and it works great on the usg 


all funtion are in the usg only the proxy (routed iptv )or the bridge (bridge iptv )  you have to setup in the CLI (json file).


Igmp you can control in the controller or In the 

config.properties File 

on ‎02-24-2018 06:12 AM



Thanks for asking. Maybe I need to be more precise and devide my considerations into two:


1. The way how features are selected and priority for development is set

2. The marketing strategy of Ubiquiti


Both are strongly connected because marketing strategy rises the customers expextations and the customer experience is built, based on what the customer effectively gets.


Unifi devices meanwhile are available in nearly any online-store or just around the corner. The devices are very affordable, let's say for privat use in the upper segment but still to address a wide range of people. For Enterprise usage I would call the Ubiquiti devices a bargain. Particullarly compared with huge vendors like Cisco, HP, etc. Furthermore, Ubiquiti present itself and the products absolutely perfect --> With that strategy Ubiquiti adresses an incredible wide segment of customers. Actually an awsome job they do at Ubiquiti. But to consider: With this very successfull strategy they set a very high baseline to the expectations of their customers!


The community concept how it is lived in this forum obviously is addressing a wide range of IT-, network-professionals, semi-professionals and nerds. The hardware and the firmware on the devices lets the pros and nerds nearly fullfil all their requirements, which is good for them. But in comarison to the extreme wide range of the targeted customers, this is a very small part.


All the other customers that have very high expectations based on the good marketing are going to be very disapointed. And after a while, when all goodwill is gone, there just stays frustration.


Ubiquiti obviously in aware of that and therefore puts a lot of effort in its UNIFI Controller GUI. Which is great and for sure the right way. However, for years now, the availability of features in the Controller GUI is far behind the markets requirements. You can take any example you like. Just look into the forum. IGMP-Proxy is just one of many. IPv6 and many more are waiting. If looking into the past, I remember of many as well: Adopting USG and Fast-Roaming just as two examples.


To summarize: Great approach, great products, great team, great quality, great chances but by far to slow in readiness to market.


Ubiquiti's Problem: With new HW you are too early on the market, with the required software you are much to late.



a) Strengthening the development team by putting more qualified ressources in

b) Reducing the amount of products and focus on them


Sorry to not naming all the missing features in detail. But I think UBNT is aware. The reason for postin this is just to say again: IGMP-Proxy should have been implemented in the Controller GUI a year ago and still is not. And same for many more features.


Wish you guys at Ubiquiti all the best and trust you can make it.


on ‎02-24-2018 07:20 AM



i agree your points.

ubnt is not for everyone it is to complex to be a consumer product. And the controller is lagging features. Butt all modern functions can be done by cli or Json. 


But im not sure that ubnt is creating the wrong expectations.  I think it are the prosumers and nerds. The are so positive that the real consumer want to have a edge router or a unifi WiFi/network to.  Ubnt has real consumer products the AmpliFi line is real consumer and easy to use. 



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Agreed. It's a complex environment. That's what UBNT makes UBNT. They made it to reduce the complexity to the max by introducing the UNIFI Controller. Exactly that and the low prices made it mainstream and thus reachable for consumers. Now they hav'em and need to satisfy.


So pls don't be mad if I reapeat: The concept is great - the speed (time to market) is awfull!


Guys, you need to change now. The options are clear. Otherwise some Chinese will overtake very fast...


It's not that difficult. Just do. Better today. Tomorrow might be late. Good luck.

on ‎03-20-2018 09:07 AM

I'm very surprised to see that IGMP-Proxy can't be configured via the GUI, as it's such a common requirement. I would really like to see this added at some point soon.

on ‎07-02-2018 01:35 AM

I'm looking to buy a USG soon, and I'd like to use IPTV in my house. It's quite disappointing that this feature has been 'Accepted' for more than a year but still no options in the GUI. I don't feel confident messing with the json files (and would that even stick after firmware updates / reboots?). The IGMP Snooping is already done, all that's missing is the IGMP Proxy settings.

on ‎07-03-2018 10:02 PM

@UBNT-MikeD: Mike, would you be so kind to post an outlook by when we might receive this feature?


Waiting for more than a year with no feedback doesn‘t make things better... ;-)


Thanks a lot


on ‎08-20-2018 08:50 AM

Still no plans by when this will be implemented?