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It has recently come to my attention that a lot of my clients are complaining about service outages from ISP (ex: Comcast) that are happening frequently. They are seeing up to 10-20 durations of dead noise or lack of external IP. This could be caused by there distribution such as a downed pole, removal of coaxial / feed cable from the tap port, or failure aerial cable (haven't seen a burial case, however, I would assume only that this will be described below on others that share this experience)., or merely a billing issue such as missing payments. 


My request is to have a downloadable report that we can have over to the ISP in question to show the issue is happening to the USG LAN port designated to the modem. Furthermore, Would also recommend this to integrate into the speed test reports that UniFi currently takes to show correct speed test. 


In practice, Prove

A) The tiered service paid for is being supplied to the equipment. For this example, we'll say 250Mbps/25Mbps.


B) If there is a loss of signal (Internet) to the system. In most cases, I would only assume the USG (of your choosing) or your main trunk port of your network. For this example, we'll say the client has a low budget or existing router they don't want to part with so the trunk will be port 1 of a US-XX switch.


C)How long is the loss or reduced speed? Maybe an email or push notification of this status similar to the UNMS controller. including the duration of loss so the client or network admin does not receive multiple 5-second loss pings unless requested. my UNMS lets me know ina 30-second loss, works for me, however, my solution may not fit all. 


So for my example:

Network loses signal for 31-seconds, I get a notification that the ISP feed is down (or feed network).

Network dips in service tier to 100Mbps/10Mbps, I get a notification of this (could be silent by default in network logs) that speed received has dipped.

Be able to login and go to the maintenance tab and download a report to give to ISP with data of loss with timestamp and or "signal throttling" like experience.  Simple as a basic chart. 


The reason of request of this is straightforward.  I HAVE DEALT WITH COMCAST IN MULTIPLE SITE OVER REFUSAL OF REPLACING AERIAL CABLES UP TO 4 MONTHS!!! Pushing of blame and refusal of this being a problem because clients have 3rd party modems (same model as used; Arris SVG2482) be able to hand this info to client or ISP to show intermittent issues and there is an issue exterior to home. Their solution is "...should have had a Comcast modem leased from Comcast" to solve the issue. Clients also see this and want to give info of   

          yes, we lost signal and would like a prorated bill do to the typical business practice of "services rendered, payment warranted".




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I know speed test can go down by draw on the network use, to fix this "miss calculation" in my option is to simply add the speed test results to the current throughput. Of course, this may have a fluctuation so maybe a 10Mbps buffer to reduce false positives.


4 weeks ago

+1.  I have just gone through this with comcast in our area.  Failing aerial drop and little to prove its on their end.  It took 6 months of back and forth to get them to replace it.

3 weeks ago

Please click the kudos button @cmerani. This will let Ubiquiti know we want this feature. I can't say how many times we go out to those situations. I'm glad they did get you fully functional.