Log all the changes of the transmition rates

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It you be nice that everytime there is a change in the transmission this information was logged, because this coud represent an physical problem.

The TX of an port changed from 1G to 100Mbps, log that.

1000 FDX changed to 10HDX, log that as well... 

This should happen for every TX rate change.


In the attachment there is a AP showing 10HDX, and it should be 1000FDX, but there is no log about it... It would helpfull to know when it started, so everyone could troubleshoot the problem better and faster.

on ‎10-11-2018 02:18 AM

hahaha, I just posted about this on the ISP / Feed side. I proudly thumb you up. I can see that as an issue and should be in the logs if they're not already (I haven't checked nor needed this function yet).