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I have a 24 port UniFi box installed, it has 19 access points attached to it and it was connected to a Cisco router but the company we were supposed to get internet and phone service from never came through so we switched provider and  got a new broadband line installed and a new router,  when I connected the unifi box to the new router all the access points are showing up as unknown devices and I’ve had them checked that they are all working but I can’t get internet access through them,  I thought I would need to configure the box but I downloaded the app and it says it can’t find a controller.  What’s a controller and how do I get the router to recognise the devices?

on ‎05-28-2018 08:07 PM

This is not the right place on the fourm for questions of this nature but if you send me a private message i will help you out.


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