New client event class for notifications - New client connected

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I'd like to suggest to add a couple new type of client events for notification usage:


- new client connected(wired)

- new client connected(wireless)


These event should be activated when a device get connected the first time in a corporate network(on a switch or an ap) so we could receive an alert or an email(or just log the event). For instance this event could provide a quick notification if somebody sniffed your home wpa password and got in.

on ‎06-15-2018 11:20 AM

I would also like the ability to add a URL to be "called" by the controller when the event occurs, so that it can be handled by another system.

a week ago
Hi. Support has refered me to this post and asked me to write in here in order for Developers to write me directly. I would also like this possibility to have an email via the Notifications system every time a new MAC trys to log on to the network and also if they get onto the network. Must be working for both WIFI and LAN. Can developers say anything about the possiblity to implement that? Some persons say that it has been a request since 2015? Also it would be very nice if i had the possiblity to be able to accept such new clients before they were accepted on the network. Perhabs an email from Notifications and then i could reply back on that email, or there could be a Accept or refuse link in the email that i could use as admin. It should be possible to select/deselct this accept option for WIFI and LAN independently. Perhabs there could be a Splash screen on the client that says that acceptence is pending Admin and then another that says Accepted or rejected.? Kind Regards Kim Bork.