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RADIUS Users alias or note field

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This is a suggestion to add an "alias" or "note" field to RADIUS user profiles in the controller GUI. The purpose would be for the field to record information about an individual user that is not required or used for authentication purposes, but is helpful for the network admin to view alongside each user.


For instance, when simple MAC auth is used, the device's MAC address must be used for both username and password. This makes it a bit difficult to quickly reference which MAC address is for which device when troubleshooting or making changes as compared to an admin defined value. If an alias or note field was included it would ease identifying the relevant RADIUS user profile. Even for non-MAC address profiles it is sometimes helpful to add a note reference (such as email, phone number, title, etc.) to differentiate users. Although it is likely the site maintains these details like MAC address and the associated devices/users in a separate record, this would be an optional, simple and quick reference in the GUI.

on ‎04-20-2018 04:44 PM

As a side note, does anyone else get thrown off by the user profiles page being under the "services" tab? I frequently go into "profiles" to view RADIUS users and only then remember to go to the right section for some reason. If anyone else thinks RADIUS users would be a better fit under profiles as well, we should add another feature request