Traffic stats explained/documentation?

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The traffic stats look great on the surface, but they do little to help me understand my data usage.


Sure, I see netflix, etc, but for how long? I cannot filter this data for the current month, for example.


The client insights are also very confusing. It says a little used laptop used 450gb in the last month. Ok, is that WAN, or LAN to our backup server?


With Comcast imposting 1TB data caps, it would be nice to know if we have a runaway process (for example, a cloud based backup service) or if I am using too much data by leaving something streaming, etc.


In the stats, it said one "Shopping" site "Play" used 25gb. Is that Google Play? We don't use google stuff. Is it Sony Playstation? Likely. But I have no real clue. I can't get the endpoints, etc.


So please, please add this data before someone beats you to it.