UniFi Power Strip

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Not all network hardware is as good as UBNT's.

Sometimes you're stuck with it though (e.g. ISP-specific modem/GPON adapter/etc).


It'd be nice to have a way for a USG to auto-reboot a modem if connectivity to the Internet was gone for a certain number of minutes.


I see two possible starting points for this.


1. Bring back the mFI power strip but make it work with UniFi - USGs could then be able to auto-reboot modems if connectivity disappeared.


2. Plugable makes a nice Bluetooth timer that can be controlled with homemade scripts from a Raspberry Pi. You can skip the timer part and just use it as a Bluetooth controlled outlet if you want.

Perhaps UBNT could make a one-outlet module like that and link it to a USG via USB or Bluetooth (sadly the current USG 3P lacks either so it'd have to be a successor to that).



In either case, the controller could maintain a log of every power-cycle performed and maybe advise if they're becoming more frequent as a failing hardware warning of some sort.





on ‎11-06-2018 11:36 AM

the idea you are thinking of is most likely an mFI sollution like this:

on ‎11-06-2018 11:48 AM

You can buy an Etekcity Wifi outlet. Plug it into the USGs power supply and then the app from Etekcity can turn it on or off if you need through a phone app. Some configuration but at least you can do what you want until UBNT says yes or no to your idea.

on ‎11-12-2018 07:22 AM

@verisarioc kindly reread OP request, he does not want control of the USG, he wants to be able to let the USG have control of the power for the modem(or modem like devices) when it can not reach the web. this also means the Etekcity probably can't reach web either.


@mlfreeman i would love this to be made as an integrated part of the Unifi line, in the meantime the best solution i know of is by a company SnapAV product line WattBox, allows reboot of devices after X number of failed pings to user specified IPs or Addresses. Unfortunatly you would need to find an authorized retailer.

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1.  @denniswier mFi had a power strip in addition to an in-wall outlet and dimmer switch. The power strip doesn't require all the "fun" that comes with replacing an outlet, so it'd be more user friendly.


2. @verisarioc @bcsanford is correct. It's not the USG I'm worried about. The USG needs to be able to reboot the modem when it senses a lack of internet connectivity, even if I'm not around. 


3. @bcsanfordYeah, I saw WattBox and would already have sent them money but yeah they don't want to sell directly to people like me. I used DigitalLogger power strips at work and while they *could* do this they all died for no reason in quick succession, so I'm staying away from them.