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VLAN ID configure for WAN port on GUI

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I came across this scenario when trying to install a USG Pro 4 for a client whose got an ISP link which requires a VLAN ID assigned on WAN port for internet to work. 


Now I know that this fucntion was implemented in the UniFi controller somtime ago, but all these clients rely on our hosted cloud controller for management. To get connected to the cloud controller requires the internet to be setup on the USG first. 


I would like to request that the VLAN ID configuration to be added onto the USG's built in interface. The current work around is to SSH into the router enable VLAN ID via CLI. It didn't work smoothly as the controller kept loosing connection to USG after adopting probably due to config been over written. Anyway was able to get it going but, would be great if this can be implemented in the USG GUI.

on ‎10-29-2018 09:26 PM

I am surprised that no one has come across this issue previously, and even the admins turning a blind eye on something vitally important.