config.gateway.json editor available in GUI

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When I was using OpenWRT based router it was possible to add/change some more advanced configuration using web interface - dedicated editor in GUI window which wrote input straight to config file. It doesn't need to have anything fancy and it would save hassles with either scp or vi editing.

For some period of time I was using controller installed in docker running on Synology NAS. I had mapped sites' base directory and could use simple editor built in Synology File Station:

Zrzut ekranu 2018-11-12 o 21.30.02.png


It doesn't need to be so much advanced Icon Wink . Now, when I use Cloud Key I can clearly see difference in how easy/user friendly was to edit it directly in GUI...

on ‎12-17-2018 07:46 AM

Yes, so much yes - if UBNT's continued expectation is that the bulk of the intermediate to advanced config capability still needs to be managed via the config.gateway.json, or, this should be added ASAP. 

Hide it behind one of the 'I'm and advanced user' or 'professional installer' checkboxes to prevent casual users from messing up their configs.


Since it is controller side; VALIDATE against the existing running config to see if their are collisions. Better yet, figure out some way to display the custom & running configs in some sort of 'overlay' where each is clearly seperated but allow us to view it as a whole.