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New Idea

more USG options...

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Status: Implemented

able to edit:


Static routes

DHCP lease times

QOS settings


iPerf testing built into Unifi GUI with a USG or USG-Pro

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Status: New Idea

Just like the Edgemax routers have a built in GUI based Iperf client and server, could we implement a similar function on the GUI for the Unifi equipment.


What I'd like to be able to do is allow "speed tests" to occur between either iperf clients and the router itself, or, a built in function using the mobile client and the router.


And, I'm not certain how much function this might be.  But could it be possible to run tests using the AP/switch as the client, and the router as the server?  So you could test local line and wireless speeds (client -> server)


1. End user device -> ap -> switch -> router

2. AP -> switch -> router

3. Switch -> router


I would also say the reverse, but from what I've been told, the AP's don't really have the horsepower to function as iPerf "servers"



1/11/2017 EDIT:  Just to clarify. The root of the request is to make the USG the center of the local Unifi speed testing universe. So some thoughts on where to go with it.


1.  The iOS app.  The current speedtest function does its speedtesting from the app to the controller.  So add in the option from testing from app to USG on the same local network.  Eliminating any oddities encountered once you exit the LAN. You could then add a third generic option so the user can pick there own iPerf host.


2.  Add a function to the GUI to activate iPerf (set it to listen on the USG)  for testing specific client hardware, Intel 7260 getting your down?  Compare it to your Atheros based something.


3. Add the ability for the USG to be the "client", so you can use it to test in the other direction, or in the odd case your ISP may have something.


4.  Talking about hardware.  If the USG is the testing "heart" of the network, then you could then trickle that functionality down to the connecting hardware.  No, you'd more than likely never do this more than once, but may be nice to test the handy work of your connection between your router and switch, or your AP to Switch to Router.  Or maybe testing the speed of you uplinks?  Again, this would mean adding a iPerf client to the AP and switches, which I'd call secondary to client to USG based testing.


GUI IPaddress pool for Remote VPN

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Status: Implemented

on my DHCP server I have a block of 254 addresses that are specifically not given out so that a router can assign something in that range for VPN clients, it would be nice to have the ability to hand out adresses like this in the GUI. (Ive seen where it can be done via CLI or so I thought that is what I saw)

Qos wizard/auto configuration

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Status: New Idea

With the Deep Packet Inspection on the USG and the controller keeping such detailed records of where traffic is going it would be really nice if there was a wizard or for the unknowlegable users an auto qos that would apply a base qos for standard types of traffic.


Auto qos would have a prebuilt config that you could just checkbox what services your using (Voip, web, torrent, video, so on) then just include a percentage for each service selected.


A wizard would have something similar but using the Deep Packet Inspection services as the list and allow you to order what one gets priority over what.


This probably goes without saying but also having a text edit all on the gui would be a good feature to stack on this for users that just want to write their own.


Allow manual speed/duplex config for WAN/LAN ports on USG Pro

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Status: Accepted

Many ISP's, especially enterprise providers like Level 3, require a non-auto-negotiate port and must be set manually to 100Mbps full duplex or else you get a huge speed loss (our 100/100Mbps connection gets 38/8Mbps). Right now on the USG Pro you have to set this via the config.json, which is over-the-head for some and risky as this can cause a reboot loop. This seems like a simple addition to the interface and something that many MSP's to large clients need to have ASAP.

USW-8-150W with 10Gbe RJ45

Submitted by - 3 weeks ago
Status: New Idea

I would like to see a USW-8-150W with 10Gbe RJ45 instead of SFP ports.  Purpose would be to use as uplinks between switches.  The USW-8-150W is perfect for small cabinets and a couple newer UAP-AC-HD with link aggregation could really push a single gigabit uplink.  10Gbe is nice because it can run over existing Cat6e drops.

Use dns hostnames for IPSec VPN

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Status: Accepted

I would like to be able to use a dynamic hostname for IPsec VPN. Having to use only a static doesn't work for 99% of the clients I have.

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Cloud Key without Dydns

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Status: Invalid


Can you tell me how can I terminate my home automation server with an internal IP address that is configured with a remote address in dyndns switch in the cloud key controller so I can terminate the dndns service.
With my Iphone I can remote control the app of the home automation system.
For this I have a DynDns account. I would like to cancel Dyndns service and run everything on the cloud key controller.
Gateway consisting of: USG-4-Pro
All other network devices also Unifi

With dyndns account: my login data: 1140 (port)
Internally: 192.xxx.xxx.xxx:1140

How is the external address to be changed?

Next I have an audio and video port which I have over Iptelorg- This I have also made puortforwarding and must therefore also function via Cloud key controller.
Can you tell me what settings are to do?

thnx for help



Troubleshooting for UniFi devices and clients in Controller UI

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Status: New Idea


please add statistic info and troubleshooting functionality for the Controller UI to be able to see general statistics for each device, port and client with iformation reg.:

- any errors and what type of errors per device, per port, per client etc.;

- current "real time" tx/rx rates per port, per link (incl. site 2 site and remote vpns) and per client (WiFi clients too),

- syslog viewer to see events directly from UI, with selection of the type of the events, particular devices, client, time range etc.;

- site to site and remote vpn information and statistics;

- in statistic and history of the clients and devices -  some last syslog messages reg. this device could be also helpfull.


Add ping, traceroute, etc. from particular network device in the UI.

"Speed Test" between any of two network devices whithin UniFi network with graphs and export options including latency, jitters, speed, errors, etc..


Adding probe functionality for the iOS/Android Apps with the ability to test network conditions and run it from Controller UI could be a really nice option as well.


Thanks in advance

Better API Support

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Status: Invalid

A lot of tools out there allow for automation of treatment for endpoints on the network.  This can range from moving an endpoint to a remediation VLAN to killing access all together depending on the health/state of said endpoint.


Currently the API is not officially supported.  Its geared mostly towards the unifi wireless.  It does not provide much control of the Switching and USG portions of unifi.  Previously the last.inform was a goldmine in gatherthing data, however since 5.4.9 it no longer exists...


For control of devices we do have dynamic VLAN assignments via 802.1x, but this functionality is biast towards the wireless gear, as it is near useless on the switches.  You cannot create a VLAN on the switch in which its ID will be used by dynamic VLAN.  Which means it is impossible to get a routeable interface from the USG to the switch as the switch's uplink cannot tag said VLAN...  Additionally dynamic VLAN assignments via 802.1x is lacking by the fact Change of Autorization is not supported by both the AP's and Switches Ubiquiti produces. 


The ask:

Allow the API to be queried for DPI data/VLAN assignments/etc by MAC and/or IP address.

Allow the API to be queried for all data previously found in the inform.last i.e. USG external IP address.

Allow the API to reassign a switch port to a new VLAN when fed a MAC address or switch/port.

Manipulate USG firewall policies through the API.

IP Updater for OpenDNS?

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Status: New Idea

OpenDNS has some pretty powerful network protection tools. Would love to see and updater for them so I don't have to pay for both a dyndns.com and a openDNS umbrella account.

Ability to select USG WAN based on policies....

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Status: Accepted

I have integrated a USG for the dpi, but am really missing the ability to select the WAN based on client and/or protocol and/or time of day


Living in the a very rural environment I have a paid for high performance but data capped connection and a much slower uncapped connection.


It would be useful to be able to have the WAN traffic routable based on client and/or protocol, and also time of day (so for example the higher speed WAN can be turned off overnight).


Stats available in the controller should ideally be segmentable by WAN where applicable too.

Static Routes...

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Status: Implemented

Since we on the verge of Multi WAN configs on the USG's, static routes would be nice.


So we can pump out VLAN 10 over WAN2 and Core VLAN over WAN1. 



DPI - better data usage

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Status: New Idea

I would love to have some kind of export feature for the USG, as an example, it could be great to export your data collected from the DPI into a .csv file and be able to more use of it, other than just watch it on your firewall.
Could be into an automated function that would be loaded into a monitoring software.

Also I would love to be able to see more of the data in one screen, within the USG. Could be loaded in the all ready in place "Statistics", to see a list of top 25 services used in the last hour or 1 week.

As it is now, its more a fancy tool with potential. Not that usefull, to much scroll and clicking next, missing the big picture where you can see which clients watching most YouTube and who shop most at Amazon..

See thread here where we discuss it as well:

Looking forward to follow the Ubiquiti in 2016 and see maby some new products Man Happy

Switch port security and disable vacant ports

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Status: Accepted

It would be beneficial to have the ability to disable vacant switch ports. I would also like the ability to secure a port to a specific device. 



Overall Bandwidth Useage

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Status: Accepted

The UniFi controller software does a great job detailing bandwidth useage for each client. However for those that use the UniFi Security Gateway as their main router on a metered connection, adding a overall WAN traffic counter would be very useful. Most Home router have this function. 

Optional DNS Server/Forwarder support: nxfilter

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Status: New Idea

I would love to see nxfilter as an option for the DNS server on the USG:




Would bolster the content filtering capabilities of the USG as well, without adversly impacting the CPU on the USG.

Better integrated Unifi Switch statistics

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Status: New Idea



I've seen a few posts on this topic, but didn't find a feature request as yet.


Post release of the non-POE range, I recently bit the bullet and started upgrading umanaged switches to the Unifi range - hoping to see traffic flows inside my LAN, not just everything passing through the USG.


The per-port only stats are a starting point - but as has been pointed out elsewhere, miss some crucial data points around lower layer health (CRCs, runts, giants etc.).


Crucially there is no per flow visibilty and I assume this 'could' be provided through something equivalent to sFlow sampling which is built into most modern silicon. (It looks like sFlow is already available on some other lines)


This data would dovetail nicely into what we get from the USG and provide the end to end view that is a big draw for Unifi over standalone products.





UniFi Controller USG WAN Manual Config

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Status: Unspecified

Add a controller option to set the USG config to manual mode (CLI only) so it doesnt overwrite when provisioning.