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DHCP & DNS servers need significant work

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I love Ubiquti products, but having installed a USG Pro-4, I'm left disappointed in the lack of basic DHCP and DNS settings that are available. Yes I know, I can probably achieve what I want to in the command line, but I shouldn't have to. The idea of UBNT gear is that it's easy to use.


What's missing are namely:


- The ability to specify (and view an entire list) of statically assigned IP addresses. I shouldn't have to click on each individual device to specify a static IP or check if one has been set.


- The ability to set hostnames for devices that don't specify one (or use a hardcoded IP). I should be able to create my own static DNS entries for devices that hostnames cannot be set for. In addition, the handling of hostnames for devices with static IP's (hardcoded in the device itself) seems broken. I shouldn't have to get an IP from DHCP to be able to browse to it by DNS name.


If you want an example of how it should be done, take a look at pfSense, OPNSense or even Windows services. 

USG Realtime traffic graph

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Status: New Idea

So, I know it has been mentioned in other places (Specifically I have included a link to the forum topic) but I would like to create a new idea request specifically for realtime bandwidth activity. 


I have ran into several occasions where clients are limited in bandwidth and will call about slow speeds. I would like to be able to see at a glance what the current usage is and, if possible, who is using it. Right now I would settle for just a graph showing the last ~15min - 1hr.  


As it stands now, I am going to have to figure out some option of monitoring this. Sadly, in my own home, I am going to be replacing the USG with a PFsense box. It was either this or put in an edgerouter X as a transparent monitor and I would rather keep the device chain smaller.  The USG will sit on the shelf as I wait hoping this will be implemented. :-)


I hope the images below will spell out better what I and others like me would like to see. Ubiquiti makes wonderful products and I hope you all will see the potential in this suggestion and implement it. 


Looking at the controller I beleve these stats are already gathered so I would hope it wouldn't be too difficult to create a graph on the dashboard showing these stats.





This is ultimately what I would love to see. I am able to see at a glance what the traffic is and who my "top talkers" are. 




I would even be OK with just simply something that keeps a live update. 



I also have included a link to a couple forum topics discussing this further. Hopefully they might provide more insight as well.



Thank you for your consideration.

USG - VPN: show VPN connection history

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Status: New Idea

it shoud be helpful to have into USG-PRO the remote VPN users connection status history graph into dashboard


(how many connection per time with cumulative used bandwidth)





Some way of seeing a client's PORT history.

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Status: New Idea

Sometimes we find ourselves in the position of remotely looking for a device that should be on the LAN but isn't there now.  It would be helpful to see a history of some kind in the client, in the events, or in the Insights list.  Something like this:


Client History.pngEvent History.pngInsights History.png

Even if we only saw the history on Insights when it's on the WIRED screen, that would be helpful.  The event history shows the APs which a wireless client was last connected to which is helpful at times, so this would basically be the equivalent.  I know it current shows which LAN.


Any one of these three by itself would be helpful in that situation.  I don't know which would be easiest to include, but it seems (to me and I'm no dev) like one should be simple - probably with the event log one being simplest.


If somebody has another method to accomplish this, I'd be grateful.



USG Firewall Monitor

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Status: New Idea

Having the ability to watch what the firewall on the USG is doing would be a great feature. Maybe place a tab for it under events?

USG Pro / UNIFI as L2TP VPN Client

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Status: New Idea

USG Pro / UNIFI as L2TP VPN Client


Anyone know when UBNT UniFi team will enable L2TP VPN CLIENT support?

I can see that UBNT already enabled PPTP VPN Client support but unfortunately lot of current VPN providers don’t support PPTP due to security issues.

My requirement is to get USG connected to the VPN rather than each of my PCs.

If anyone can comment on when this feature coming that will be a huge help....

I already tested the PPTP VPN client and it’s working as a charm but UBNT can improve it by supporting for VPN host / DNS names as currently I need to get the IP of the PPTP VPN server.

Give visibility into WAN IPv6 connectivity

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Status: New Idea

The UI does not give any visibility into whether the USG Gateway was able to obtain any IPv6 prefixes from the upstream provider.


This should be visible in the WAN section:


Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 11.09.44 PM.png


Similarly, there were no events around obtaining or losing DHCPv6 leases from the WLAN.


Topology map - connection color based on utilization

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Status: New Idea

I could be a great addition, if it was possible to enable colors og the connections in the Topology map, based on their utilization percentage.


This would be an easy way of visualizing bottlenecks in the infrastructure.Capture.PNG

New client event class for notifications - New client connected

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Status: New Idea



I'd like to suggest to add a couple new type of client events for notification usage:


- new client connected(wired)

- new client connected(wireless)


These event should be activated when a device get connected the first time in a corporate network(on a switch or an ap) so we could receive an alert or an email(or just log the event). For instance this event could provide a quick notification if somebody sniffed your home wpa password and got in.

Request: DPI-Source/destination detail

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Status: New Idea

I'm kind of surprised I didn't find this elsewhere.  


While the catagories of DPI are all well and good, it's somewhat irrelevant when you don't know WHERE the traffic is going.  


Can you please expose that level of detail to the controller.  Given that this information is already being looked at, I assume that it's somewhat trival to add a couple of tables to track client/server relationships and related information.


For example, I have a VM host that has 11GB up and down of unknown traffic.  Even if that did fit into a catagory, I don't know where that traffic is going to/coming from.  This fits directly into a lot of security products in the same vein...while you might allow HTTP traffic to the world, if someone is abusing that, how do you know what to block?  


The source/destination should be IP to keep it simple with an optional field for URI information and/or internal host name.  


So either from within a paritcular catagory, we have something like...


<SRC IP> <hostname or nodename> <DST IP> <hostname or nodename> <destination URI> <rest of the stats as they are now> <connection time>


Once this information is presented, it expands the possibility of adding more searchable/sortable stats.  


While I appreciate the additional load this may present to the UCK, but even then, it should be minimal as it's really only adding a few additional tables, assuming that information isn't already there and just not exposed, but for those of us running our own HW, it's a moot point.


So please add this sooner than later as this is a bit of detail that I believe is very important to getting the most out of a DPI tool. 

Network Tools/Utilities such as Ping/Telnet/TraceRoute/IPScan/Traffic Monitor

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Status: New Idea

I would like to see the ability to have access to network tools such as the as Ping/Telnet/Traceroute/IPScan/Traffic Monitor from the GUI. Mikrotik has a large selection of utilities available in the GUI and Ubiquiti should also implement some of these in case techs don't have access to a desktop on site to run such utilities. 


Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 9.25.02 PM.png

[Hardware] New USG's based on EdgeRouter ER-4 and ER-6P (with PoE)

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Status: New Idea

Right now there two amazing EdgeRouters are launched, the EdgeRouter 4 and EdgeRouter 6. Both perform great for an affordable price in a compact and energy efficient form-factor. It would be very nice if we could have those routers with UniFi software, using them as USG's.


The routing performance is impressive:

Routing performance USG USG-PRO-4 ER-4 ER-6P
1518 bytes throughput 3 Gbps 4 Gbps 4 Gbps 6 Gbps
1518 bytes pps 240,000 320,000 320,000 490,000
64 bytes throughput 512 Mbps 1.2 Gbps 1.8 Gbps 1.8 Gbps
64 bytes pps 1,000,000 2,400,000 3,400,000 3,400,000


If you compare the features you see that the ER-4 and ER-6 would be great additions.


Features USG USG-PRO-4 ER-4 ER-6P
CPU Dual-core 500Mhz Dual-core 1GHz Quad-core 1GHz Quad-core 1GHz
Power conspumption 7W 40W 13W 16W
Gigabit RJ45 3 2 3 5
Gigabit SFP 0 2 1 1


The ER-6P's five gigabit RJ45 ports can deliver 24 and 48 volt PoE, with 60 watt max. That's perfect to power up to 5 access points (AC Pro / AC IW Pro / AC Mesh Pro). It would be the perfect set-up for a small unifi installation: Just the USG-6P and 5 access points, plus the SFP for uplink.


I think a USG-4 and USG-6P would be amazing additons to the current USG line-up. If priced the same as the EdgeRouter versions it would be killer routers.


Line-up USG-4 USG-6P
MSRP $149 $179
CPU Quad-core 1GHz Quad-core 1GHz
Power conspumption 13W 16W
Gigabit RJ45 3 5
Gigabit SFP 1 1

Built OpenVPN Support for Client access

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Status: New Idea

I would like to see OpenVPN server support in the UI.

10gb link on every switch model

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Status: New Idea
A couple of 10gb switch ports on every switch model to support a full 10gb back bone

Show blocked STP paths in topology

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Status: New Idea

Is there a chance to add STP blocked paths in the topology view just to see how all switches are (purposely) interconnected.


The blocked path could have another colour or something like that. It would be nice if it was there even when blocked and not just shown when for example one other connection bewteen two switches (in a ring with three or more switches) become disconnected.

Config tree for USG and USW in the controller

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Status: New Idea

Currently i am using an Edgerouter as a Gateway in my network and the major thing holding me back to move to the USG is the fact that i cannot setup routed IPTV in a reasonably easy way from the GUI, the same goes for Muli VLAN support on my WAN port.


The big Joke is, that the USG supports all this stuff natively, but the big problem is that making it configurable never seem to get enough priority to build in.


So my suggestion is please provide full access to the JSON configuration managed by the controller for the connected USGs and USWs and make them editable from the gui. Allow for modifcations in values, and elements to be added. (you can take an example from how it is done in the EdgeOS GUI)


I'm sure this will make quite a bunch of people happy, and as a bonus it will prevent lots more noise in features requests that are not really mainstream, and might not be so important to prioritze.

Show DEVICE and PORT temperatures and PoE powers history realtime and statistics as a curve

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Status: New Idea


I could not find from Unifi GUI any PORT specific temperature. Only generic temperature is available. Still port specific temperature is available in CLI. So the data exist. How can I show port specific information from the GUI?

And if it is possible too see (or add) a stat button for temp it should be possible to add a stat button also for PoE power. I would really like to see how much my PoE cams, PoE powered Rasberry, SIP phones, ... consume power in the long run. Not just now.

All the Port temperature and PoE Watts and Volts/Amps data exist but probably are not recorded in the database for statistical purposes. Now we just need to see be able to see them. But how?

This should be very easy and fast to implement. When Unifi save a line to the record in database of including TX, RX, ... data at the same line just add three extra columns; PoE Watts and Volts, and Temperature. Do not need much more data space. Then only add 2 extra buttons and queries for the buttons. Thats it. Everything else is there already.

Maybe like this: Screenshot (20).png.jpg

In phase 2 later it would be interesting to add a new option to Settings -> "Statistics".

There you could select what data (tx, rx, poe, temp, fan speed,  ...) admin wants to save to the database for statistical purposes by devices or device types. That is because if the thole setup is very large and every data is not interesting thus admin can save space at disk and make the processing of the database lighter and maybe faster.

Further, to be able to better control the temperatures of the switch there should be an option where the user can select the default fan speed. That is the speed the fan runs if the system does not need more cooling. Now speed is stopped until cooling is needed.

Maybe like this:



Unifi Switch downlink icon to complement uplink icon?

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Status: New Idea

In the controller, you can see at a glance which port the switch considers its "uplink" by looking for the white "^" on the interface.  Why not have a corresponding "v" on interfaces that are connected to downstream unifi switches?  The controller clearly already has this information, and this would be extremely handy when chasing a data flow across the LAN...

USG or Controller (UCK) USB Port or LAN to support UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply(s)

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Status: New Idea



As the subject suggests.

Please add support to bring down devices gracefully. Weather USB or LAN.

Easier would probably be over USB ??? Would be a useful feature...

Support 802.1ae MACSec for future hardware

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Status: New Idea

there is a request in the Unifi Wireless Feature Requests though my understanding is that this change would need to occur in both the switches and the APs and thought it might get more attention in these requests


Reference Beta Discution if you have access:


Reference Unifi Wireless Requests:

note that search does not cross-search to the other feature request forums so you will only learn of the other request if you go to the effort of asking for it as a new idea (then the idea subject will cross-search)