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1 Public IP, 2 mail servers, port forwarding on USG

I have 1 public IP address from my ISP and I want to host my own mail server. 


However, there are times when I need to perform maintenance or upgrades that will cause that mail server to have downtime. My idea was to create a secondary mail server that can act as a temporary host while maintenance is being performed. To do this, I would simply tell USG to forward the ports to the secondary mail server IP. Is there anyway I can automate the changing of IP's for port forwarding?


This would be useful if the mail service went down unexpectedly and I wasn't available to manually change it.


I know this method isn't ideal, however, this is for personal/home use. The mail isn't critical, but I would like to avoid losing as much mail as possible.


Until Ubiquiti makes the USG support multiple WANs, I'm stuck with this route or paying more for external hosted email.

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Re: 1 Public IP, 2 mail servers, port forwarding on USG

Well, an edgerouter would fill your needs, but the same can technically be done using the USG, just not exactly easy, you would have to do everything using CLI, of course.

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