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2 WANS without failover or load balancing

Hello. We're going with a new fiber ISP for our 3 offices. Currently, we have fiber in each office with multiple vendors and we have site to site VPN connections between offices. The new provider is installing a Cisco ME 3400E switch at each location with port 1 being Internet and port 2 being a transport connection between the offices. The transport is a flat network and we can assign whatever IP addresses we want on our router interfaces. We currently have Cisco RV042s in each office but they don't seem to work for this configuration so I'm looking into new routers and like the idea of going all unifi networking equipment eventually but need to know if the Security Gateway Pro 4 will do this. I know most people want failover but we want WAN1 to be Internet traffic and WAN2 to be internal traffic between offices. All 3 offices are on separate subnets (, and 192.168.2.