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Access to Internet stops.

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Hello All,


Want some advice on an issue I have been experiencing with my UniFi setup.


Based in UK with Sky providing fibre broadband from Hub v3.

USG With broadband connected to WAN, LAN interface

Unfi 8 port switch US-8-60W

UniFi AP-AC-Pro


The setup has been in place for over a year and no issues, then over the past month the network has been experiencing an issue where the clients on the network are not able to access the internet, if I log in to the Internet router it show connected, to fix things I disconnect the router from the internet (via software interface) and reconnect and things start to work again.


I have had the ISP out and the have changed the master socket and switched out the router, however I still experience the internet drop out.


I have removed the USG from my config and at the moment the internet access issue has not returned.


Could this issue be down to a bug in the USG software filling up a routing table or ARP not clearing correctly?


I am no expert when it comes to the more detail networking troubleshooting.


I did have the IPS enabled for a while but disabled it to see if it was causing the same issue?

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Re: Access to Internet stops.

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What router do you have?


i went through something similar with ATT fiber here in the US that started around the same time as you. It was solved with getting a block of static IP’s. I didn’t need.

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Re: Access to Internet stops.

The router is the one my ISP provided SkyQ Hub


Will see if I can get a static IP address.


Anyone else experiencing anything similar?

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Re: Access to Internet stops.

Having the same problem.  My USG 3 has recently started going into disconnected state and stops handing out DHCP address.  A power cycle of the USG resolves the problem.  Seems to have started happening after recent upgrade to    I am at the point where I am going to have to replace the USG with something else.  


Hoping there is a fix coming soon.