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Advice or recommendation on site-to-site VPN

Hello, I have a customer with 3 locations that currently has a site-to-site vpn setup between them. The VPN is currently being handled by older Cisco small business hardware (v1 RV042s). Two of the current routers are starting to fail, and will need to be replaced very soon. Each site also has a Unfi Cloud Key, used to manage several Unifi AC-AP-Pros.  I am considering replacing each of the routers with Unifi Security Gateways.  How difficult is the VPN setup between 2-3 USGs?  I have read quote a few forum posts that show a level of difficulty in doing this with only 1 cloud key, does having a cloud key at each location make this easier?  Is there a guide or tutorial for setting up a connection like this?  I am considering a few other alternatives, but with an existing cloud key at each location, I am hoping that this is a viable solution. 


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Re: Advice or recommendation on site-to-site VPN

If you have a USG at each location, and all sites are on the same controller, then it's a very simple configuration.  Just select auto-vpn, pick the other site, and you are done.  If the sites are on different controllers, then I think you will need to manually configure each one.  Not a huge deal, but certainly not as easy as teh first method.

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