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Bufferbloat Questions.

I know that internet speed tests will usually have a section in its results with a bufferbloat score......and for me it is always different, from low amounts to medium amounts and any site I check speeds against.


What I would like to know is......when would I actually know that bufferbloat is a problem for me on my network....if it even is a problem?   What are the tell tale signs of possible bufferbloat issues if/when it happens?



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Re: Bufferbloat Questions.

You can test here:

Enable Smart Queues at Settings -> Networks -> WAN -> Edit

Look for Smart Queues at the bottom.



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Re: Bufferbloat Questions.

Yes, DSLReports Speedtest is an easy and surprisingly accurate test (for a browser-based test). I offer two additional ways to measure your bufferbloat:


Turn off the Smart Queues, do one of these tests, then turn it on to see the difference.