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[Bug?] Port description and SNMP : why ":" is changed by "_" ?



I currently have some sites with Unifi switching (lastest stable release) and I use librenms as our distributed NMS and monitoring.


For this reason we uses a LOT port description to help us to make consistency stuff and our "customer care" UI for non network guru.


We recently figured that some caracter are changed to "_" when querying the data using SNMP.


Is they any good reason about that ? Because EdgeSwitch doesn't have such bad ideas.


Example in the pict :


Capture d’écran 2018-11-13 à 11.22.43.png


Is changed to :


Core_ hc-dv-20-sw01 _0_1_ when getting data in SNMP ?


Why ? And can you fix that ?


Same question with "{" "/" "}" as well